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Sep 16, 2012

Is this my first one-shot manga review? Booyah!

Story: Toshiki-kun is "inept," and cannot seem to do anything school-related particularly well. He's a little upset about it, but then he finds the "Ability Shop" (think Yuko-san's shop in "XxXHolic") and is able to be granted any ability. However, he loses some of his life span every time. Soon after, he's no longer viewed as worthless by his classmates, and he is happy.

No spoilers (despite the fact that this is only a chapter long), but I will say that the ending is one of those "Let's eff up our moral and make this happy" endings. The manga was actually pretty philosophical and seemed like it would have a moral, but the ending was a disappointment. Just saying.

Art: It is, for the most part, completely average. Is it crazy? No. Is it kawaii? No. Is it CLAMP? No. It's just so normal. This isn't a bad thing, per say. However, it makes for a lackluster read. Character designs are stock, but the shop owner has a nice "neko" feel to her. Backgrounds are nondescript.

Characters: Please note that this is a ONE-SHOT. One cannot expect development. And, unfortunately, every character in this particular one-shot is pretty much some archetype.

I can find no picture, obviously.

Toshiki-kun: He's an average kid until he starts using his newfound power, and quickly goes a little nuts. (If "Code Geass" is "Death Note" lite, then this is "Code Geass" lite.) He's a bit of an annoyance by the end, and is a stock character, for the most part.

Shop Owner: Neko girl, runs the shop, teaches lessons, explains morals, is really effing kind, let's move on.

Kumi: Toshiki has a crush on her, but she ends up getting a boyfriend. (The bitch!) She assisted in the creation of the great original ending. But this plays second fiddle to the fact that she REALLY LOOKS LIKE MAKA FROM "SOUL EATER!"

Kumi's boyfriend: Sure, he's a minor character, but I'll include him anyway.




Well, crap. He doesn't do anything.

Overall: A damn good concept (cliche, though), ruined by the mangaka's lack of courage.

5.5/10 story
4.5/10 art
5/10 characters
5/10 overall
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