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A Drifting Life

Alt titles: Gekiga Hyouryuu

A Drifting Life Cover Image
4.267 out of 5 from 39 votes
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In the mid 20th century, young Hiroshi found himself enamored with manga – especially works created by Osamu Tezuka. With a strong desire to publish his own works, Hiroshi picked up a pen and began a lifelong journey to live up to his role model. Through disappointments and triumphs, Hiroshi continued on to help birth a new form of manga, as the history of the medium unfolded around him…

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Name Role
Yoshihiro TATSUMI Artist
Yoshihiro TATSUMI Author

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Title Author Score Date
A Drifting Life Thrawn 9/10 Sep 30, 2012
Gekiga Hyouryuu Thrawn 9/10 Sep 30, 2012
blackswordsman is reading A Drifting Life
NicoNicoDesu rated the A Drifting Life manga 3/5 stars
NicoNicoDesu rated the A Drifting Life manga 3.5/5 stars
NicoNicoDesu rated the A Drifting Life manga 3/5 stars
Vladislaus1982 read A Drifting Life at 2 of 2 volumes

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Both are autobiographical manga by fairly famous mangaka. A Drifting Life is a historical manga that details Tatsumi's career and entire life, while Not Love But Delicious Foods... chronicles the day-to-day life and meals of a modern mangaka that's already made it pretty big.