A Certain Magical Index (Light Novel)

Alt title: To Aru Majutsu no Index (Light Novel)


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Favorite Manga/LNsby yoruikari

(Last Updated 5-9-15) I read less than I watch anime, but I still decided to make a list.

Need to Read/Finish Readingby yoruikari

No particular order here; just for my own personal ref.

Top 10 Manga/Light novels/Manhwaby DarkSky

My top 10 works I've enjoyed. Some overlap with the anime list but then, I just enjoy them that much. This one was a bit harder, because there were a few works I wasn't sure which one to put on here, but for now, I have the list where I want it. ...

Manga I Want to Buyby Marcopare

Manga series i'll buy soon to read them or i just want to buy to fill my personal collection and read them sniffing the scent of the paper... Lovely