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Three years ago, a deadly accident forced the closure of Cofdeece, a residential and scientific facility located 6,000 meters beneath the ocean. Now, Kengo Kadokura has been sent to the newly-reopened underwater structure by its new corporate owners, and alongside other engineers, doctors and workers, he will assist with the reconstruction efforts. But when the body count begins to rise, the crew soon realizes that there's more going on at Cofdeece than meets the eye...

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Nokuto KOIKE Artist
Nokuto KOIKE Author

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List Title Username Entries Date
Manga licensed in Poland (random order) Renusek 160 Oct 9, 2011
divinevengeance read 6000 at 4 of 4 volumes
socaro wants to read 6000
Catsy wants to read 6000
Kerros wants to read 6000
Meschejre stalled 6000 manga at 1 of 22 chapters

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The Blue Heaven is the greatest of luxury cruise liners, catering to its guests’ every need. While passing by a derelict fishing ship during a voyage, the Blue Heaven’s crew investigates, finding only two barely-alive survivors alongside a scene of murderous carnage. They are brought on board and treated, but one of the two men escapes custody, loses himself amongst the numerous passengers, and is confirmed the killer by the second survivor. With the ship thrown into chaos behind the scenes, can security forces find the madman before events escalate?

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These two manga aren't very similar plot-wise, but still reminded me of each other. Each takes place in the ocean (either on a cruise ship, or deep beneath the surface), and something goes (or has gone) terribly wrong. Violence and thrilling moments ensue.