3 Gatsu no Lion

Alt title: March Comes in Like a Lion

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Shion no Ou

Shion no Ou

When Shion was a young girl, her parents were brutally murdered; and the sight of their dead bodies in a pool of blood caused her to lose her voice. Years later, Shion is now a young woman who was raised by Shinji Yasuoko, a professional Shogi player, and his wife. Shion has become a Shogi player just like her adopted father, and is working her way towards becoming a female Meijin – a master of the sport. With powerful opponents and sinister strangers around every turn, and her parents’ killer still on the loose, Shion’s path to glory has never seemed more challenging!

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toydoctorrrs toydoctorrrs says...

Both stories are about kids who enter the world of professional shogi playing. Both main characters need shogi to be able to deal with their lives. They also share topics such as friendship, complicated/tragic family situations and a general coming of age theme. If you like one of the two you would probably enjoy the other too.