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3 Gatsu no Lion

Alt titles: Sangatsu no Lion

3 Gatsu no Lion Cover Image
4.077 out of 5 from 84 votes
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Rei Kiriyama is a young student who excels at the game of shogi. Having lost his entire family at a young age, Rei now lives with his kind neighbor Akagi and her two young sisters, Hina and Momo. The four enjoy a quiet life from day to day, dealing with first loves and other challenges, while Rei continues to compete in shogi games and learn new skills. While they each have sadness in their pasts, this new family will get through any challenge together and with love.

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Chica UMINO Artist
Chica UMINO Author

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Both stories are about kids who enter the world of professional shogi playing. Both main characters need shogi to be able to deal with their lives. They also share topics such as friendship, complicated/tragic family situations and a general coming of age theme. If you like one of the two you would probably enjoy the other too.