20th Century Boys

Alt title: 20 Seiki Shounen


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Best of the Best - Mangaby PaladinAlchemist

These are the best manga I've read/am reading so far. All of them come highly recommended. I've provided the genres and why I recommend them so you can decide for yourself if it's your thing.

Seinen Mangaby saphirablue

Manga aimed toward an older audience.

Manga I Ownby Asimov

I bought these from Amazon, Ebay, and so on.

Top 30 Mangaby Asimov

Not in any particular order, except for maybe the first two. Lots of hidden gems in here! Thanks for looking.

My top Mangaby citronrobotlord

Manga I will always recommend

Top 10by ellainna

Personal favorites. I should read better quality stuff.