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Manga that are seriously in need of recommendationsby LupaLunae

This is a list of manga that don't have any recommendations, but definitely deserve some. These are just some manga that I noticed didn't have any recommendations listed, so I'm now trying to fill at least some of them out. Any help is GREATLY...

°♡-BL Manga Mountain-♡°by UsagiDandere

One of these days, this list will reach 666 and reflect my sins 😄😄(that day was upon us sooner than expected) May we both enjoy bask in my loose want-to-read mountain; tons of them haven't even marked with any BL tags so they're not as easy to...

♔ Yaoi / Shounen-ai / BL manga ♔by Juvith

List of Yaoi, Shounen-ai and BL mangas I'm currently reading, read and want to read. All mangas are in alphabetical order, and I'll update this list permanently.