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redwolf's avatar by redwolf on Nov 22, 2010
Score: 7/10

A cute manga about a girl that loses her memories when she is hit on the head with a ball. Now with only knowing what she is told about her past she must try to regain her normal life, but with two boys fighting for her love, that will be hard to do. It's really pretty good if you like short romance mangas, its only a one shot but even so I would have to say you should defently check it out. read more

DuskFey's avatar by DuskFey on Feb 15, 2013
Score: 6.5/10

Manga in 150 Words: 0x0 Memories

Why 150? It’s a one shot.

Premise: A high school girl named Rei gets hit on the head and loses all of her memories. Immediately afterwards, two guys start competing for her attention, and Rei must choose between them.

Audience: Shoujo romance fans who don’t want any real depth, complexity, or drama. 0x0 Memories is too short to contain any of... read more


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