Tower Of God

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    Posted by bunshin on Jun 2, 2013
    Tower of God

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    I searched abit and didn't find any thread about this amazing webtoon so here it is!


    Plot summary: "What do you desire? Wealth? Glory? Power? Or something that surpasses all others? Whatever your desire is, 'that is here'. Tower of God.

    Into the Tower the boy chased the girl who meant everything to him.
    This is a story about the boy and the Tower that tests him."

    Tower Of God is a korean webtoon (Manhwa), that is published free to read on naver website (like the rest of them there), once a week and its a single page strip in colors.

    I have read alot of manga and abit of webtoon but this one is realy unique and amazing in its own way. As the plot summary the story follows a boy named Baam and his story as he enters the tower, and climb it with each floor have its own tests that are different complex and deadly.

    The strongest points of the webtoon are charecters depths and complex plot.

    Well i can say more but its better if you read it, this is one of the best things i have read in awhile and its just keep getting better and better :love:

    Also - Read from Left to Right

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  2. Bradalee

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    I've seen this in BrainBlow's signature for a while now and i keep meaning to start it, but never get around to it. I'll definitely give it a go tonight though now that this thread here to remind me!
  3. BrainBlow

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    Tower of God is #7 on this site for a very good reason.
    Keep in mind that it's a manhwa. You read from left to right, just like western comics.

    This series needed a thread though.
  4. Bradalee

    Bradalee Well-Known Member

    Aye i know, i read Girls of the Wild too, it's a manhwa too.

    Hopefully it's good then!
  5. LinkSword


    The premise intrigues me, although I'll just have to check for myself to decide if the execution of the idea is actually my thing.

    Count on me trying it today as well. Now that I've finally got A LOT of free time I can finally try things like these out.

  6. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    It's One Piece (manga) levels of goodness. (Stylistically it would be more similar to Bleach, except way better)
    And all the pages are in full color.

    Finally, I can get to fangasm about this series to other people as well!
    Be prepared for a couple of traps though...
    It's pretty much a running gag by the author by now.
  7. LinkSword


    ^ You might be setting the bar a tad too high there. That is, considering how much of a OP fanboy I am. :laugh:

    For now I'll just expect a good, gripping manga, and if it's even better than that then I'll be pleasantly surprised. =)
  8. Bradalee

    Bradalee Well-Known Member

    After the sexuality-challenging awesomeness of Yahari's trap i'm prepared for all other traps now.
  9. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Not really.
    They are very differently themed series though, so it's a very different experience.
    And it doesn't take nearly as much time as One Piece to really get going.
    I'm just going by the ambiguous word "quality".
  10. LinkSword


    I'm just saying that ''quality level of One Piece manga'' would equal ''second manga thing I'm giving 5/5 to'', and I doubt that's going to happen.

    Anyway, the first 45 chapters are almost done downloading~ This shall be a fun ride.
  11. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Seems kind of... redundant. Especially considering that there's 145 chapters now, with chapter 80 being the start of "season 2".
    It's available at most manga sites.

    Author quote:

  12. bunshin

    bunshin New Member

    I know sometime i just don't.... :pokerface:
    And to think SIU isnt revealing if Quaetro Blitz is a guy or a girl, it realy give me a shiver. some charecters made me go :flip: .

    Although i didnt mention alot in my first post one of the strongest point in TOG is attention to details, the author realy put alot of thought into what he draw and the little thing that come togather also some nice funny things like Quant face on food snacks :)

    Well its good as much as one piece but its diffrent this isnt a shonen with power of friend ship stuff and shouting make you stronger.... bha how do i even define this webtoon :P
  13. LinkSword


    BB: My laptop has been awfully slow lately and manga sites run like shit. I can pass pages of downloaded stuff instantly at the click of a right arrow and the quality is also a tad better... It's direct downloads of 15 chapter batches and it takes less than five minutes for each.

    ... But then I saw the ''pages'' for this and they're all reaaally long vertically, so I guess I'll have to settle with online, since my image viewers are no good for this.
  14. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Made sure to do a system configuration on your laptop?
    You know, disable the fuck out of any program running in the background that doesn't need to be running?
    is your laptop made by "Asus"?
  15. Bradalee

    Bradalee Well-Known Member

    Thoughts after 3 chapters:

    Yeah, this looks like it could get pretty awesome. Baam seems like a cool customer, and Lady Yuri is badass, i'm loving her already. Headon appears to be quite the dick as well, i wonder how Baam's going to deal with the ball/eel now.

    The way the towers' set up kind of reminds me of Soul Calibers tower where you have to beat a guy to pass to the next level, although i don't know yet if every task here will involve fighting. I'm assuming for now that they will though...
  16. BrainBlow

    BrainBlow Well-Known Member

    Just in case you didn't notice:
    Headon has his eyes and mouths in the same sockets.
  17. Bradalee

    Bradalee Well-Known Member

    I noticed, and he has the cheek to call others 'irregular'....

    Black March is a chick then, a chick who has a thing for children. And this Koon Agnis dude is the type of character i tend to really like, he seems to have a powerful manbag as well for some reason...
  18. LinkSword


    Read six chapters...

    I don't understand why Baam is in the same floor as people who know much more about the tower than him (example: white-haired dude talking about how you can find that tribe of ''monsters'' everywhere in the tower and how it's strange for Baam not to know of them). Shouldn't all the people competing in Floor 2 have come directly from Floor 1 after completing their first test?

    And I'm not sure how I feel (probably negatively) about Haedon and testers in general adjusting the difficulty of the floors to whatever the fuck they want.

    Dunno. So far I guess I enjoy white-haired dude the most, since trying to get allies rather than killing left and right seems a reasonable thing to do for the sake of beating the following floors.
  19. bunshin

    bunshin New Member

    Well alot is explained as you go but i'll tell abit not realy a spoiler but:
    people are chosen from the entier tower by headon are regulers and are directly sent to the second floor, baam is different thus called irregular. more will be explained as you go and do note alot of things are not explained directly you need to pay attention to detail as they add up throughout as you read
  20. Bradalee

    Bradalee Well-Known Member

    I'm guessing that since it's been stressed that Baam wasn't chosen to enter the tower, he doesn't know anything about it. The other characters, Agnis included were likely chosen so they have some sort of prerequisite knowledge on the tower as to me it stands to reason that the tower wouldn't choose people who were completely unaware what exactly the tower is.

    And it was said that the difficulty of the first task was amped up because all other irregulars had incredible power, so the assumption was made that he was the same. I don't buy that though and think Haedon was up to something, somethign we'll probably find out more about soon? And it's their floor, surely they should be allowed to set whatever task they like?

    Agnis' plan to get followers rather than slaughter everyone is great though, and aside from his cool appearance it's what got me to like him straight away.

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