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  1. Garyuu

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    Posted by Garyuu on Apr 3, 2011

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    The webcast was today, but I'm personally waiting for when it airs on Tuesday. I thought Chaos;Head was alright. I'll give this one a chance.
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  2. Xennon

    Xennon New Member

    Posted by Xennon on Apr 3, 2011
    O good god if this is anything like Chaos Head I shouldn't even waste my time watching it.
  3. LinkSword


    Agreed. But I have confidence it will be much better.

    For starters the director for this show is the same as Shigurui's, so I'm expecting a hell of an atmosphere, unlike the shit shown in C;H... As for plot development, characters, etc., we'll have to wait and see, but it's not hard to do better than C;H. :laugh:
  4. Rastamepas

    Rastamepas Active Member

    Is C;H that bad? I haven't watched it, but was planning to sometime.
  5. LinkSword


    It is, at least for me. The characters are absolutely plain and were created directly from the ''stereotypical character'' molds and garnished with many cliché spices. The plot is a disaster. The main character is awful - some people say ''omg he's a NEET so he's cool 'coz he's a sucker that gets over it and improves and blah blah...''. The former is true, the latter is not. And after watching the perfect depiction of a NEET that is Tatsuhiro Sato can I even be expected to take this wretch seriously? I like my flawed characters, but he's done awfully, just like the rest of the cast.

    The animation seems to be done with the remainders of other Madhouse projects' budgets, with lots of terrible still backgrounds and choppy fight scenes - overall it's not the worst thing ever but it sure isn't up to the studio's standards. As for the OST I don't even remember anything about it, and that's a bad sign. Well, I do remember that the opening song was quite catchy and the ending was ultra-cheesy.

    There are people out there who liked C;H, but I definitely wouldn't recommend it.
  6. azanimefan

    azanimefan New Member

    the first ep was damned near incomprehensible... i know there was a lot of hype surounding this anime, so i'll give it a fair chance... but at this point they managed to make a 22 minute ep feel like it was 122 minutes.

    I was convinced the subber was trolling us, until my wife verified the nonsensical and bizarre first ep was subbed fairly well for a speed subber.

    I'm not sure i'll be a fan of the main character... he's certifiably insane; and not in a funny way... but more in a weird and annoying way that sort of leaves me hoping he's not the actual main character for this series (take the little weirdo girl with him too) but really a mental patient under a heavy drug treatment program.

    generally i like nuts and trippy... but this just was dull and incomprehensible.

    I hope this gets better.
  7. Xennon

    Xennon New Member

    Posted by Xennon on Apr 4, 2011

    You know how when you were a kid, and you were playing war with your friends, and your one friend "shot" you, but you claim he didn't, and it just turns into an argument of "no you didn't" and "yes I did", well that's what Chaos head reminded me of.

    The first third was really good, because you didn't know where it was going. It seemed dark and brutal, the characters were all disturbed and screwed up, and then when they actually start explaining stuff, and the characters start to flesh out, it just turns into a complete pile of shit, like something a 7 year old wrote.

    It was quite possibly the most disappointing and absolutely horrendous show I have ever watched. I am extremely easy to please, as long as the show provides any form of enjoyment, I'll watch it. It can be cliche, campy, unoriginal, but that doesn't bother me one bit, but Chaos Head...
  8. coffeebreath

    coffeebreath Active Member

    Ew, terrible quality webcast.

    Well, everything that I expected to happen in the first episode happened. Predictable choice of cliffhanger. This won't make sense for a while, if it revealed everything at once it would be boring. The manga flows much more easily after three chapters, but the pace of the anime feels a lot slower.

    As for the characters, people need to remember this is set in Akihabara... it plays a lot on those stereotypes. Personally, none of them felt as superficial as they do in the manga so that's a plus. I don't expect characters to be a strong point here anyway, way too much range - you'll hate some, hopefully love one.
  9. LinkSword


    So this is the kind of show with plenty of hateable characters (not because of being lame, but because of what they do)? In that case then I'm going to enjoy it.

    I feel tempted to check the first episode, but I'll do myself a long-term favor and wait 'till it's complete. :banana:
  10. coffeebreath

    coffeebreath Active Member

    No, the opposite. Sorry to dissapoint you :laugh:

    What I really mean is that the characters appear to tick too many boxes. Cute childhood friend, tsundere, trap, quiet-but-beautiful, neurotic big ego, super geek, cat girl maid, etc. They all have little quirks too, and when it comes to personality quirks in anime it tends to be totally love/hate. I could be way off the mark though... it's fairly obvious that from how popular moe blobs become that depth in characters is not really all that important to some people.
  11. LilMayar

    LilMayar New Member

    I thought it had an interesting premise but I'm going to wait for a higher quality release cause right now the quality makes it unwatchable.
  12. Tsumibito

    Tsumibito New Member

    This type of anime is not my cup of tea so ill read the reviews and see if i should pick the anime up after it finishes.
  13. Etue

    Etue Well-Known Member

    Posted by Etue on Apr 5, 2011
    Ep 1.

    Wow, this anime is quite strange... I'll watch it and see were it goes. The main character is confused as heck and totally insane. The girl is a complete airhead and the geek... is lazy. Oh well, I'll see were it goes... it holds premise even with such an empty first episode with confusing occurrences.
  14. mafuyu

    mafuyu Guest

    Posted by mafuyu on Apr 5, 2011
    I think the main idea of being able to send a mail to the past is really cool.
    I have never played the original game of Steins;Gate but by reading the anime review by other people
    It will be popular among a gamer who have played the game
    if the anime vr can recreate the fun of the original piece it will sure be a masterpiece

    When i watched the anime i really didn't get what was going on=.=
    Its a bit hard to grasp the time difference between the past and current...
    (After watching it the second time it made more sense )

    I have to say like how the other members have said i thought it was bit similar to C;H
    When i saw the main character of Steins;Gate it made me remember of Nishijou Takumi
    and when his child hood friend mayuri appeared in a mystical atmosphere i thought she was a delusion inside Okabe's head (its what i thought, everyone will probably have a different sort of idea)
  15. Taiyaki

    Taiyaki Member

    I have been wanting to play the visual novel of steins;gate for a while and now an anime adaptation is out!

    I think the idea of being able to send text messages into the past is pretty interesting. The eccentric main character is kind of hard to get used to, but I can't wait to see what happens next.
  16. coffeebreath

    coffeebreath Active Member

    This got Crunchyroll'd, so I guess HorribleSubs will have quicker releases out each week. Meh, not my favourite way to watch anime, but I look forward to comparing the subtitles. UTW-Mazui got a few things just plain wrong.
  17. Zarakava

    Zarakava New Member

    I enjoyed this episode, considering I know nothing coming into it. Main character is really weird, but I enjoyed the OP very much.
  18. Viduus

    Viduus New Member

    Posted by Viduus on Apr 6, 2011
    I liked Chaos;Head up until they actually started to explain stuff. For a while it was actually interesting to watch because regardless of cliche character types, you really didn't know if what was fake and what was really, if the dude was just nuts or if there was some actual conspiracy going around.

    And then they had to ruin the entire goddamn thing by explaining everything. I really hope this doesn't fall into the same category at the end. The first episode was a little strange, sure, but I'm willing to give it a chance since I've watched too many shows with questionable first episodes that turn out great at the end.
  19. kargarus

    kargarus New Member

    The plot is very interesting. Bit of a mind warp which I like and the time travel aspect is real cool. I'm definitely keen to know where this is headed and the mystery involved.

    But as noted above the characters could be annoying otaku bait. So for me as long the plot/mystery remains intriguing and the characters not irritating I'll be able to stick with it.
  20. coffeebreath

    coffeebreath Active Member

    Since it's set in Akihabara I think it's forgiveable that the characters appear influenced by otaku culture. Influence being the key word here, so far none of them warrant the otaku tag on site. In my opinion, this influence hasn't been written into the anime in the cliche way it could've been. Time will tell I guess.

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