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    This series plays in a fnatasy world where every kid is born as woman, yet upon turning 19 they get the choice to become either male or female. That is, unless you are the miko (pristress) of airships called simoun, seen by other countries as demonic creations and hunted for their technology. Being such a miko, you are allowed to goto the "spring" to be a man or woman. The main focus of this series seems to be the actual war for those agile and fast battships which are manned by two pilots.

    Since the main characters of this series are mostly (if not all) female, there is a somewhat shoujo-ai feeling to it, especially if you see how the simoun need to be "booted up". Yet it's an quite interesting setting with some interesting occurances. I'll be following this one as it reminded me quite a bit of Kiddy Grade and Stellvia of the Universe.

    Watched upto episode 3, subbed upto episode 13 (26ish eps planned) by Simoun-Fans (episode 4 to 13) and Doremi Fansubs (upto 5)
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    Posted by Wolfco on Sep 2, 2006
    This isn't a bad series. It is a kind of normal sort of demonstration of how fighting in an unending war affects different kinds of people. Although the shoujo-ai aspect of it is very heavy, that actually serves to accent the philosophical arguments rather than to override them. As MrNiceguy indicates, everyone in this world is born female. For that reason, gender isn't a big deal in relationships. Choosing gender is the end of childhood, the beginning of adulthood. There is something very clever in this point which you will see as the plot progresses.
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    I loved this series. The characters, the mood, the music, the philosophy.

    It's quite unique.
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    Re: Simoun *

    This turned out to be a very boring anime. There is all this suspense into what a simoun actually is, and it does get dramatic,...then you never get the answer. There is a line uttered late late late into the series, something like "We really don't know anything about each other." And you know what? That is exactly true, you never do learn anything personal about ANY of the characters, so when the end comes up, you really dont care about any of them. And this huge war that was being waged, seemed pointless all the way through.
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    I can't help but laugh.

    What do they tell the girls when they get to 17? "You can bleed for the rest of your life, or not."
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    This is one of the few anime that emphasis on war planes. like Last exile and Yukikaze! I love the series
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    I'm just starting this one and I'm already more confused than I was watching flcl...
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    Part of me wishes they'd have kept going, another part of me is actually quite satisfied with the way things turned out.

    A few things that really bothered me. [huge spoilers.]

    I'm kind of sad that Mamiina died, I actually started to get a bit attached to her character. And the thing with Dominura, since she technically didn't make any choices as to what Sex she wanted to be and so on, did she have the same 'condition' that Onasia had? I'm simply asking because episode 26 when Dominura and Rimone walked away from that girl she left behind some of the powder. The one part with the ending that bothered me is that it left it pretty open to assume that either Aeru and Neviril died or they passed on to the new world (which I just assumed as them still dieing, but their souls moving on)
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    Good anime. I liked it.

    Definitely pulled at heart-strings. (Whether it be humour or tragedy.)

    The ending could have used just a litte more work though. (It had the length, just needed a better explanatation.))
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    Posted by Roman on Jan 4, 2010
    Sorry to burst anyone's bubble but I have to agree with DemonRoach. It is very boring for me. The plot is going nowhere and the characters are dull. On top of that, I am bit repulsed by the messed up world the story is set in. All people are born female here and may become a male after puberty and after visited that spring. At least for the citizens of Simulacrum. All others, it seems, have to have surgery after birth. This and the story just don't fit well, if at all.
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    Simoun, like other series (such as Revolutionary Girl Utena) is one in which the underlying meaning is more important than the actual events that take place. What you take away from it largely depends on you. One could see it as merely an anime about some mysterious ships piloted by young girls in a war. Or, it could be interpreted as a series speaking to the end of innocence. These are just examples. There is more that can be taken away from it, depending on which character you focus on. Of course, it isn't as exciting as "kill everything with big guns or big swords" anime. For that, I would suggest you go watch Bleach or something of that nature. However, Simoun takes a certain amount of thought and for those of you who enjoyed it, I would highly recommend watching it more than once.
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    Posted by Roman on Jan 18, 2010
    Perhaps but it still didn't tickle my fancy. Let me illustrate with an analogy how I experienced this show. It was like watching an epic action drama (Fullmetal Alchemist calibre) but with a beautiful painting blocking most of the screen. The painting is pretty and interesting but something even more interesting is happening behind and you can't see most of it and you are unable to remove the picture for a better view.

    When i started watching this I expected politics, negotiations, diplomacy, tactical manoeuvring, battles, war drama with elements of science fiction and fantasy, since the description said there is a war going on in a world unlike our own. Instead there are just a couple depressed teenage girls on a floating ship talking about how horrible war is and what gender will they choose. In my opinion, boooooooring. It's like the creators chose a premise but then over time, probably trying to be original, contorted the story so much that it separated the premise and story almost into two completely different things.

    I don't know why but it is kind of hard to explain why I didn't like it. I hope the above explanation was clear enough.

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