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Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by VivisQueen, Jun 26, 2009.

  1. VivisQueen

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    Shugo Chara![sadhl=1522]shugo-chara[/sadhl][sadhdc][/sadhdc]

    Aye. Cause of those conniving swines therik and KiraRin, I am now watching ANOTHER anime that I didn't intend to watch. :frustrat:

    And damn the both of them, I ALREADY LIKE IT AFTER FIVE MINUTES. Gah!
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  2. KiraRin

    KiraRin New Member

    Re: Shug Chara

    Might want to check your thread title Vivi...

    And get ready for the uber cute awesomeness! And I don't care what other people say, its like the Card Captor Sakura for the 21st century.

    *cool and spicy*

  3. therik

    therik New Member

    Posted by therik on Jun 26, 2009
    Re: Shug Chara

    Hehehe! I ought to have this thing reviewed by tomorrow. Glad you're enjoying it, Veev (and enjoying it enough to spell the title wrong in your haste to put up the thread ;P).

    Cool and spicy indeed.
  4. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Active Member

    Re: Shug Chara

    Episode 1:

    Okay, good introduction. Animation is wonderful, characters are funny, and the pubescent-looking bishies make me swoon. Haha. I'm not getting 'better than Cardcaptor Sakura' vibes yet, but there is quite a lot of room with 50 episodes to go. So here's hoping!

    OMG Michael Jackon's 'Cry' is on. Excellent break before episode 2.
  5. KiraRin

    KiraRin New Member

    Re: Shug Chara

    I didn't say it was better than CCS, just that it has a more modern twist - especially when looking at Amu's emo clothes. Not that its a bad thing, she looks adorable in whatever she wears. The show does get better and better as it progresses, but does get fillerific towards the end. However, as the new chapter starts with Doki, its made of god and win once more ^^

  6. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Active Member

    Re: Shug Chara

    Episdoe 3:

    When she's like 'Why did you target my eggs?' I couldn't help but laugh. Cause everytime someone says 'egg', I'm thinking 'ovum'. HAHAHAHAHA.

    Sorry. Watching Michael Jackson dance has made me horny and given me a one-track mind. ;_;
  7. KiraRin

    KiraRin New Member

    Re: Shugo Chara

    There is much more "Carry-on up the Fallopian tube" innuendo to come. One of the boys wants to put his "Humpty key" into Amu's "Dumpty lock"


  8. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Active Member

    Re: Shugo Chara


    I'm also enjoying
    the fact that Tadase is a megalomaniac. Haha. That was so unexpected. I hpe they take that places. Because otherwiseh e's boring.

    The potential romance with sexy cat guy is also great. Honestly, I swear I only watch shoujo for the cheesy romance to make me feel good.

    Episode 5:

    This series is making me believe there's a chibi inside of me. @_@
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  9. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Active Member

    Episode 6:

    Yawn? It's trundling along at average. I did expect it to be all repetitive and episodic at first because that's how mahou shoujo always work, but I swear I got more of an instant reaction from CCS. This show just makes me miss Princess Tutu immensely.

    Doesn't help that every single thing I pick to watch now is just shit. These days, it makes me real bitter and impatient when I'm not at least 7/10 entertained.

    EDIT: I should like to add, the only thing keeping my interest is the bishie-furry. I adore his character design and can't look away when he's on screen. Come on, Shugo Chara, step it up a bit.

    Episode 7:

    Add chibi to the list of things I now hate. Animators obviously think this compensates for actual comedy. Also, this show doesn't have nearly enough bishie-furry action.
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  10. therik

    therik New Member

    I do recall that it did start of slowly (and there may be other slow patches in there as well) but it probably helped that I was taken in by its cuteness. Honestly, every time Amu restored someone's X-egg and the would-be self popped out to say thanks, it was so damn sweet it almost moved me to tears. I'm a sucker for that kinda thing, I guess =/.

    In any case, you're right to keep watching it for Ikuto's sake. I hope that you find something else to like about it soon enough :).
  11. KiraRin

    KiraRin New Member

    Sexy bishie catboy makes the world a better place :)


  12. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Active Member

    Episode 8:

    Maybe I missed something, but what exactly determines which colour personality she transforms into? She seems to go for either pink, blue, or green at random with neither having any particular powers that make them stand out from each other.

    They also abandoned the 'She's so cool!' element pretty quickly, which was genuinely funny. She's now just a typical shoujo protagonist. Maybe it'll return in a more meaningful sense?

    Anyway, it's okay. On to episode 9...

    Episode 9:

    Painful. One of those 'are we haunted???' episodes with a sort of banal 'let's learn more about Nadeshiko' overtones. I barely caught most of it. I'm hoping this is the lull before the storm!
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  13. sarwor248

    sarwor248 New Member

    I'm up to Episode 19 right now, and I'm enjoying it as well. I'm mostly interested in Ikuto and that blond girl who seems to be crushing on him real hard. Amu's little sister is so cute it's criminal.
  14. n00bl3t

    n00bl3t New Member

    Finished episode two yesterday.

    Does not look to be my kind of anime though, hence, moved to dropped. (My first drop ever by the way.)
  15. jurexplay

    jurexplay New Member

    Well yeah you have to have a really strong stomach to be able to withstand the overall cuteness ;p.

    Even though I managed to finish the first season (or even 2 seasons, I'm not sure, well 51 eps) and I actually managed to give it a 3,5/5 score I don't think I will be ever able to watch the whole series. It's just too much of a challenge to me and to say the truth I don't uderstand why they made the "Shugo chara!! Doki" cuz I didn't see anything much above average about this series ... It's like Pokemon - I'm still not sure why it was so popular when I look at it now, after few years.

    No hard feelings for the hardcore fans of the show - I may be wrong.
  16. Ziev217

    Ziev217 Guest

    I also recently finished 51 episodes into this series, and I can't wait to start tackling Shugo Chara! Doki when I get the opportunity. It was definitely fun to watch, and after every episode I was always left with a warm and fuzzy feeling inside. I think Vivis will eat this anime up, since I noticed that she liked Card Captor Sakura (which I also felt was equally amazing).
  17. lycanking20

    lycanking20 New Member

    great anime i am stil at episode 21 but stil watching :D
    and it looks really cool and cute ^_^
    and i love the clothes amu wears al the times ;p the look so adorable on here :D

    and cool and spicy never gets old lol
  18. lycanking20

    lycanking20 New Member

    i wonder why it has only been watched like 2600 times.. should be way more ;p
  19. Tez

    Tez Member

    Posted by Tez on May 2, 2010
    I am up to episode 22 and so far its an enjoyable series and better than I thought it would be.
  20. lycanking20

    lycanking20 New Member

    it only gets better ;p

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