New 'feature' - synopses added much earlier for upcoming and current anime

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by sothis, Jan 8, 2014.

  1. sothis

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    Posted by sothis on Jan 8, 2014
    Now that we have the new 'extra info' feature for anime and manga, I've made a bit of an executive decision.

    For the last 13 years of the site's existence, we've only ever added synopses to anime if they are personally written by someone on the staff. We stick with this conviction as the best way to show you quality, accurate content that you can trust. Moving forward, our goal is still to fully populate the database with hand-written content.

    But, we also know that it's important for you to see synopses much earlier for upcoming and current season titles. Since we base all of our hand-written synopses on the actual episodes, I've decided to make an exception for current and upcoming anime. From now on, we'll post synopses from selected other sources, and put a clear/obvious note in the 'extra info' section about where it comes from. As episodes air, we'll swap them out with hand-written ones. We believe this is the best way to balance high quality content, with making sure you have the easiest way to find out what to watch next.

    We'll also add preliminary tags according to selected other sources for these titles, too. This will also be noted in the 'extra info' section, and tags will be replaced as needed once the synopsis goes up.

    Here's an example of a current-season anime now filled in via another source

    Thanks, and feel free to chime in here with questions!
  2. JohnWatchAnime

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    wow, this is really nice!
  3. sothis

    sothis Overlord Staff Member

    Posted by sothis on Jan 8, 2014
    Spring 2014 titles are basically filled in at this point, except a few sequels with no info anywhere, and a few that had synops on ANN that were embarrassingly awful. I'll be reading a few manga tonight to write synops of our own for those, as temporary ones until the anime air.

    We're working steadily on Winter 2014, I'm training a moderator to help with those so they're going a little slower.
  4. Sianeka

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    Posted by Sianeka on Jan 8, 2014
    Nice that this will be available quicker for site users, and yet still not replacing the features that make this site unique and great! Thank you!


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