Kamigami no Asobi

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  1. Bradalee

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    Posted by Bradalee on Mar 31, 2014
    Kamigami no Asobi

    Synopsis, screenshots, recommendations

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    Otome game adaptation ahoy!

    I assume i'll be joined here by Link and ZK, regardless of how much you think you won't succumb to the obvious joys this show will undoubtedly bring.
  2. LinkSword


    Posted by LinkSword on Mar 31, 2014
    Please don't make it any harder for me to make the sensible decision, Brad... =(
  3. ZetsubouKaiji

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  4. Bradalee

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    Posted by Bradalee on Mar 31, 2014
    Mission accomplished, nice to see i won't be forever alone in here :laugh:
  5. Carnificus

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    Posted by Carnificus on Mar 31, 2014
    Oh man, those character designs. This looks like some of the most intense reverse harem I've seen in awhile, I wish you men the best of luck on your journey, you're all a lot braver than I.
  6. BrainBlow

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    Posted by BrainBlow on Mar 31, 2014
    I'll have great fun looking at this. This thread.
  7. ZetsubouKaiji

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    Episode 1:

    This was more boring than offensive. Most of the episode felt like it was going through the motions of checking off the various cliches and hoping the flower-y introductions for the pretty boys was enough to keep you interested. So far none of the gods are even worth mentioning, they are just bog standard reverse harem dudes that just happen to be named after gods.

    If I give the episode any credit, it's that Yui, has slightly more personality than a lot of other Otome protagonists. I mean, she's not interesting, but at least she speaks in full sentences and asks questions instead of whimpering all the time. She still gets dominated by all of the dudes, just doing what they want, but I'll take what I can get. I mean, shit, the anime even gave her an interest in swordsmanship.

    Even if this was a very dry and boring episode, there were still some really stupid moments. Several times it seemed like lines were missing. Like when Yui talks with Zeus, she never doubts that he's an actual god, but he changes form and then threatens lightning as if she said she didn't believe him or challenged him somehow. There just seemed like there should have been another line there somewhere to make him respond like that. Although Zeus does get a pretty fucking rape-y line in when she protests to him plan and he says "She doesn't decide. He does."

    The ED sucks pretty hard with all the VAs singing, it actually sounds quite lame, but overall this episode was boring. It wasn't offensive enough for a good rant and it wasn't anywhere in the ballpark of watchable, unless you want nothing more than pretty boys and have never seen a reverse harem before.
  8. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji ZAWA ZAWA

    Episode 2:

    Once again this was boring as hell.
    There's a lot of silly little moments, but mostly it's really light flirting with no substance. I think the best part of the episode was Apollo going on and on about how beautiful Yui's name was, then deciding fuck it, he was going to call her Fairy before getting her stroke his Pegasus.

    Then there is Hade's over-the-top routine dark and dangerous routine and apparently he's too cool for bathing as well. Also, Balder is so the moe klutz.

    Not much of anything unusual going on here. It's just a bunch of pretty boys being pretty around the female lead. The OP and ED are so cringe-y though, it's all the voice actors making up the world's worst boy band.
  9. Tentoumushi

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    Posted by Tentoumushi on Apr 12, 2014
    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand this is the sole purpose of any r-harem out there. It just happens Diabolik Rapists has put an extra spin on it.
  10. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji ZAWA ZAWA

    But this an Otome game. I don't know what to think when the harem boys aren't locking the chick in a cage out of love.
  11. Tentoumushi

    Tentoumushi Moderator

    And all yaoi is rape! I see!
  12. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji ZAWA ZAWA

    Episode 3

    This episode does have a couple of Otome moments like Toth forcing her to call him Toth-sama or shoving her against the wall to give an intense speech. We also have one of godlings give her an insulting nickname, but none of it is very malicious and this remains a fairly straightforward reverse harem with all the usual tropes.

    The show has a few quirks like most of the characters are flat archetypes played very sincerely, but then Hades is so over the top that he seems like a parody of the dark miserable one. Although, he should just always wear parachute pants for some random reason. The rest of the show's quirks mostly come from the characters being gods and they mythology associated with them. We have Hades as the uncle to Apollo and brother to Zeus, yet Zeus looks like an adult and Hades is the same age as his nephews. Basically you would never know these were supposed to be various gods if they didn't constantly name drop or reference various myths, since all the characters are flat archetypes. Still weird that Apollo ends up being the wimpy guy.

    This was a beach episode and it goes just about the way you'd expect with a stripping scene and the service of all the guys in their beach wear. Blah, blah, no real surprises, blah, blah.

    So yeah, there is really nothing going on with this show. Just a typical reverse harem with the typical cringeworthy "romance" scenes.
  13. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji ZAWA ZAWA

    Episode 4:

    Honestly this isn't really a bad show. I'm obviously not the intended audience for this, but I can actually see some appeal to it. The characters are all pretty flat and the plot is just a non-sense
    excuse to get the girl alone with the various guys, but the interactions can be kind of cute at times.

    This episode focused on Hades and gave him a little personality beyond dark and broody. It's nothing special, but I got some amusement out of the lord of the underworld loving strawberry rice cakes.

    This is better than the dreadful Kiniro which has already become a total slog to watch. All the guys in that show are just like Hades, but they don't have the self aware quality that makes Hades tolerable. At least this show seems to know how over the top Hades is and has the sense to poke fun at it.
  14. Yurusumaji

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    Posted by Yurusumaji on Apr 27, 2014
    While I don't think this show is total crap, there are some things that really annoy me about it.

    In particular, I really dislike what they've done with Thoth. While I find it utterly hilarious that they can't pronounce his name and therefore call him "Toto" (to which I have to always reply, "I'm afraid we're not in Kansas anymore.") I've become increasingly agitated with his habit of pushing Yui up against a wall every single freaking time he addresses her. I don't understand where they're going with this behavior, but I find Thoth's character as a whole very unpleasant.

    There are other minor things here and there. The scene after the near-drowning felt very unusual to me, as I don't think the characters would be cuddling under a tree considering they don't even know each other. I don't like it when they play the main off as all innocent and prudish and then throw them into some strange man's lap at the first sign of danger. People don't function like this, imo. That's just based on personal opinion, though, and as I said I found it a minor annoyance at most.

    The idea of the grudge interests me as far as Hades goes, and I'm at least interested enough to want to know about the other Gods as well.
  15. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji ZAWA ZAWA

    Yeah, they call Thoth, Toto and Thor, Tor. The thing with Thoth is he acts like he belongs in a much darker reverse harem anime. He would have been more at home in something like Amnesia, but I don't think his character will go much beyond pushing her against the wall and hissed speeches, because at the end of the day, he just another archetype that always shows up in this genre. Maybe he'll get an episode to flesh him out or maybe he won't.

    As for your second point, it was supposed to be a romantic moment, but it comes across as weird in the anime because she's only spending that episode with Hades. This is all based on a dating game, so usually you'd chose which guy to romance, the anime tries to instead incorporate all the routes from the game so you get shallow scenes like that to be Hades big romance scene to satisfy all the Hades fangirls out there.

    I think both your minor problems can be chalked up to the nature of this being an Otome game adaptation. A lot of the scenes and characters are going to end up seeming really shallow, the romance unsatisfying because the anime is boiling several game routes down into one story. As for Thoth, well apparently someone likes that, or at least his existence in the game would suggest as much.

    Well if you're going to be watching an Otome game adaptation this is probably the one to watch. It's shallow as hell, but it doesn't have the offensive bullshit that makes something like Diabolik Lovers or Amnesia so damn bad.
  16. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji ZAWA ZAWA

    Episode 5:

    This episode was a bit of a mixed bag like usual. I did get a grin out of the start of the episode when cranky old Thoth gave all the boys in class insulting nicknames. I especially liked, the Bimbo, the Dunce, the drunk and the idiot. The names all suited the characters pretty well, and it's nice to see the guys getting insulting nicknames in a reverse harem. It's usually all the guys giving insulting nicknames to the girl in these anime.

    I felt like the middle of the episode with the sea god took itself a little too seriously. This show is cliche and predictable, but one if its strong suits is that it doesn't take itself completely serious most of the time. The whole scene where they argue and train together doesn't have any sense of humor and then when she falls and he goes godmode to save her everything is so dramatic. These scenes are very generic and not injected with the silly sense of humor the show uses sometimes. The reveal of Sea God's backstory was also too short to have much emotional impact and it felt like yet another cliche.

    However, the resulting confrontation with Zeus was well played. Zeus was acting like a total asshole and his actions went against what the school was established for. The Sea God's actions should have been seen as progress as he is actually thinking and feeling like a human. It was goof for Yui to tell Zeus off and save the sea god from exile. Which lead to another pleasant end scene where the gods joked about their clubs together making it clear that some progress had been made.

    Over all this episode gets an okay from me, as does this series. This is by no means good, but it does what it does well enough and the occasional moments of silliness can even give it a chuckle worthy moment or two. I still wouldn't recommend it anyone unless they were really into reverse harem anime though. It's not silly enough to make up for its flat characters and mediocre dialogue or a main character that sometimes asserts herself and other times is just a bystander to be used. But there are enough cute moments or little sweet bits that will probably please the targeted audience more than they will me.

    Surprisingly, neither of the Otome Game adaptations I am watching this season are un-watchable. There are actually a few anime on my list worst than these two; Akuma no Riddle, Knights of Sidonia and Selector Infected are all worse. Of the Otome ones Kamigami is the better one in being that it's just watchable. The Blye Skys one is sort of a pain to watch, but it's just melodramatic cliche bullshit and sometimes the melodrama can be unintentionally funny. I wouldn't recommend either of the Otome titles to anyone, but if they had to watch one of them then it should be Kamigami.
  17. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji ZAWA ZAWA

    Episode 6:

    This was cliche as hell, but it had some funny moments that actually used the quirks of the gods these characters are based on for a few nice jokes. It wasn't anything overly hilarious, but it put a smile on my face several times. The story of the lover rings was so generic that it doesn't bear talking about much. Yui and one of the gods stuck together until they understand each other a little better. The plot plays out exactly as you'd expect, nothing really wrong with, but nothing interesting about it either. Instead most of the smiles came from the reactions of the other gods and some of Loki's pranks.

    I do find it stupid that the gods seem to be so naive sometimes. I get the idea they need to learn to understand humans better, but I find it hard to believe that the concept of discipline is completely alien to them. Even if they've avoided humans they at least had to watch them. Yet, they seem really retarded some times, like grabbing a girl's skirt and then no understand why she is upset. It's a dumb way to approach the characters, but it also makes it very simple to show their progress I guess.

    Toth is a major asshole and the closest to the abusive male that this series has, but he doesn't have much screen time and doesn't do more than push Yui up against the way. It was a smile moment when she got stuck to the god and Toth didn't notice the god squatting on the floor next to her until he pushed her against the wall. Toth got a little flustered there and still acted like a dick, but he's not rape-y and isn't an option for romance so meh, I don't mind him. On the other hand I like Hades. His over the top dark and brooding routine is funny especially when he's sneaking rice cakes into class or chain shocking people while lamenting spreading his misfortune. It's kind of cute.

    So yeah, easy episode to watch and on par with the rest of the series. A very average episode of a very average show.
  18. CommanderKarasu

    CommanderKarasu Cat Doughnut

    Episode 7:
    This show was doing so well at being somewhat respectable... until now. I thought it was going to steer clear of any useless and petty drama, but this episode really just ruined everything. I guess I shouldn't really be surprised. There were some hints here and there about Balder being jealous over the others interacting with Yui, though I didn't think he would get this possessive and creepy. It's a shame, seeing as I considered him to be the best looking out of the bunch.

    Hades is still pretty cute though. I actually really enjoy him and the little moments he has.
  19. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji ZAWA ZAWA

    Episode 7:

    CommanderKarasu is exactly right about this one.
    This show was going along so nicely. It wasn't anything special, but this episode really fucked up the atmosphere. The show decided to make Baldr a yandere prick and Loki a goddamn brat. I'm really disappointed about Loki because he should be a fun character, but Baldr is even worse because they've made him into a rapey asshole and just the kind of thing this show was so great at avoiding. The flashbacks and everything else don't excuse his shitty behavior. The whole he feels lonely because people are attracted to him thing is bullshit.

    Then there's the small things like Loki not knowing Yui was human, that's just retarded there. It's a minor thing when compared to the mood whiplash and Yui suddenly being treated like an object that can be possessed though. I had just started thinking it was nice of an Otome game to treat the female lead with a little respect and then it pulls this shit. Yui this episode shows no agency she just gets pulled around by these two fucking idiots. In the past she's shown at least a little backbone, but not this episode.

    I really hope they get this bullshit over with quickly because it will ruin this show.
  20. ZetsubouKaiji

    ZetsubouKaiji ZAWA ZAWA

    Episode 8:

    This episode slightly better than the last one or at least I thought so before the episode ended.

    This episode was carrying the burden of the previous episode, so all the bullshit drama returns. However, at least the aggressive energy is no longer toward Yui. She gets to be a person again rather than an object for Balder to own. Instead the drama is between the brother now.

    Loki and Balder argue a bit and i'm sure all the fujioshis creamed themselves a little especially after Balder does his explode thing and Loki hopes into the bed with him. They make excuses that Balder can't control his power and the shitty back story makes this even worse. They've turned sweet fun loving Balder into some kind of lonely emo kid and it sucks ass. They eventually reach a bit of an understanding or so I thought since Loki wants to kill Balder now. This twist is fucking horrible and ruins everything the show does well.

    However, there were fun bits to this episode; Seeing Toth extorting students for money so he could buy red bean soup was funny and seeing the creepy Santa candles was amusing. All the gods where doing amusing things during this festival we could see them in the background. The show felt like it had gone back its normal self. Generally seeing the gods interacting on their own this episode was great.

    Then it started in with the drama again, but this time not quite as heavy, but it ends with one god threatening to kill another. BLEAh. Loki should be fun loving not this obsessed and hateful. His character has been a real drag.

    This episode did bring a lot of mythology up, or at the very basic stuff. They mentioned Baldr's mommy issues which is part of the reason he's no lonely. They also brought up a bunch of bullshit backstroy about the three Norse Gods and all of them are friends. The three guys are Thor with no peronsality, Loki a spoiled brat and Balder the future creeper. This whioe selfish friendship thing is blown out of proportion and is over the top no matter the situation. Balder trying to force Yui to be his friend no matter what.

    This was another bad episode but with a few good bits thrown in.
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