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  1. unitzero

    unitzero New Member


    Four high school girls form a band in their light music club. From what I can tell this is going to run for 13 episodes and be full of mild "school life" themes sprinkled with general cuteness. Already the general vibe and animation is reminding me a little bit of the series Hyakko which I liked. That said I plan on watching this but I don't expect anything mind blowing to happen here.
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  2. Aznmonster

    Aznmonster New Member

    It's got that Haruhi feel to it,but I don't think it can top BECK.

    seeing as there both about music.
  3. unitzero

    unitzero New Member

    oh yeah this is not going to be nearly as epic as Beck.
    *starts singing "Full Moon Sway"*
    I think it's going to be a slice of life light comedy with music as a plot device.
  4. Xennon

    Xennon New Member

    Posted by Xennon on Apr 3, 2009
    Guess i'll check this one out. These really aren't my type of shows (slice of life/school life) but I'll give it a shot.
  5. Narelda

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    Posted by Narelda on Apr 3, 2009
    It didn't feel like haruhi to me, the characters feel quite different.

    The first ep wasn't that fun though, but I'll give it a chance and see how it develops. The premise of the show isn't that interesting imo.
  6. unitzero

    unitzero New Member

    you're right. I wasn't that impressed but I love animes about bands and I enjoyed the slightly unique animation especially the character design. The "camera work" or whatever it's called in animation when she was running to school in the first scene was pretty cool as well. For me this will be a time waster until something better starts airing.
  7. Lyzl

    Lyzl New Member

    Posted by Lyzl on Apr 3, 2009
    /agree with tylerriggs here

    time waster until (hopefully, my god how I hope) something better from this season comes along. It's pretty fun, but nothing special imo.
  8. Tanoshii

    Tanoshii New Member

    I went into this show expecting it to be sorta like Lucky Star, but with music. I'm not sure if that's how it ends up, but so far I love this show. I laughed quite a bit, which a show hasn't done for me in quite awhile. Also, there's an epic amount of moe, if that's your cup of tea :P

    Can't wait for the next episode!
  9. nyamo

    nyamo New Member

    Posted by nyamo on Apr 4, 2009
    the heroin is always stoned
  10. purplemo

    purplemo New Member

    I decided to give this a go despite how unimpressive the manga was. This makes me feel like Manabi Straight (NOT a good sign) with watered down characters (even a worse sign). That ED was pretty good though, even if they stole a lot of clothing for Aya Hirano's wardrobe, especially Mio (at least they knew how to put on the clothing in the ED :laugh:). It sounds a lot like some of her songs too.

    I might keep watch if just to see if they change up the ED, but this show is so far as unimpressive as the manga.
  11. Ascendancy

    Ascendancy New Member

    I don't know why, but i havent liked a first episode this much in a few months.
    Yui is awesome. But then again, she's gonne play guitar, and guitarplaying girls are awesome. The guitarplaying animation is totally ridiculous tho.
  12. ace52387

    ace52387 New Member

    There's definitely a limit to how much of an airhead a character can be without a disease or drug abuse problem, and I'm pretty sure what's her face has one or the other.

    The animation is shockingly gorgeous for a high school slice of life comedy. Running is animated well, as is the weird way the main character walks when she's dazed. I also like the character designs. I'm tired of crayola or pastel colored hair.

    It doesn't seem like it has nearly as many punchline/gag jokes as hyakko, azumangadaioh or ichigo mashimaro, but the cast is begging to be lumped in there with one of those kinds of series'. I suppose Hyakko's first episode wasn't very funny either, but it ended up being pretty focused on comedy, so I guess i'll just hope with K-ON.
  13. Lan

    Lan New Member

    Posted by Lan on Apr 4, 2009
    It looks interesting enough with the music and band aspect that I may watch a few more episodes and see how it turns out.
  14. Wright

    Wright New Member

    Posted by Wright on Apr 4, 2009
    I don't watch a whole lot of slice of life anime, though this one seems entertaining enough. Plus it's music based which is always good.
  15. artboy

    artboy Guest

    Posted by artboy on Apr 4, 2009
    It didn't seem that great at first until I saw the opening theme, it's one of my favorite anime now :laugh:
  16. Ascendancy

    Ascendancy New Member

    Btw, i loved the joke about the concert and the promise. I LOL'ed so hard.
  17. kamika14mizu

    kamika14mizu Guest

    K-ON!Heard this one.Already join a FanClub^^

    I think this one is great. XD
  18. Whojive

    Whojive New Member

    this was a "I'll give it a try anime" after EP 1 it is now must watch.
  19. samshadow999

    samshadow999 New Member

    I went into this thinkin it was gunna be trash, BUT imo it's the best this season has offered up so far, fuckin loved the first episode!

    The main character was soooooooooooooooo so0o0o0o0o0o0o0o funny :D And so were the rest
  20. ButzYung

    ButzYung Guest

    The popularity of this Anime is growing real fast. I didn't even know the existence of this Anime until a few days ago LOL

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