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    This is a placeholder topic that will contain all information on adding an anime

    For now, moving the description guidelines here:


    for anyone interested, i'm probably going to rewrite the how to add anime page to be more useful - especially since i've figured out a "template" that i personally use whenever writing synopses. if you've never submitted a synopsis or have, but want to improve, read the below (the site version will have better formatting)

    General synopsis guidelines:
    -Leave out all personal opinion-type statements; this is very important and the #1 thing new synopsis writers tend to stick in.

    For example:

    "[Series name] is about..." (synopses should describe the story without sounding like a third person is narrating)

    "..a perfect mix of comedy and action" (leave out all genre statements)

    "we are shown" (again, describe the story only)


    When you write a synopsis, try to stick to the following format (see below for examples of each #):

    If the anime has a plot and is NOT a sequel

    1. Introduce the world and setting (usually needed, not always)
    2. Introduce the main character/s
    3. Introduce the main conflict
    4. Catchy ending


    If the anime has a plot and IS a sequel

    1. Describe current events in characters' lives (See below for examples)
    2. Introduce the main conflict
    3. Catchy ending


    If the anime DOES NOT HAVE a plot (ie Azumanga, Lucky Star, etc)

    1. Introduce the world and setting
    2. Introduce the main character/s (with many adjectives/great detail)
    (ex: "Combined, the ever-hungry airheaded Milfeulle, voluptuous Ranpha, cold-as-ice Vanilla, regal Mint and aggressive gun-wielding Forte make up the Galaxy Angels -- an intergalactic team dedicated to finding the elusive Lost Technology!")
    3. Introduce a sampling of situations the characters get into
    4. Catchy ending


    Introduce the world and setting
    "In present-day Tokyo,"
    "In the year XXXX, humans and robots coexist peacefully"
    "Two years have passed since the event known as SomeTitle changed the world forever. It left cities underwater, thing 2, and thing 3."


    Introduce the main character/s
    I tend to describe their personalities as well with adjectives

    "Robin is a young witch who has joined up with STN in order to hunt other witches"
    "Person2 is a brash, naive boy who would rather have adventures than do his homework"
    "Person3 thought she was just an ordinary girl; she did a, b, and c just like the other kids."


    Introduce the main conflict

    "One day, maincharacter was on her way to the store when she ran across a stray cat who told her that she was, in fact, a goddess!"
    "However, Person2 soon discovers that he has strange powers - and more importantly, a bad organization is out to get him."


    Catchy ending

    Question form (don't ALWAYS use this - use sparingly): "With fierce opponents and and a vast desert standing in his way, can maincharacter find the crystals and beat the bad guys?"
    Non-question form: With fierce opponents and a vast desert standing in his way, maincharacter must find the crystals, beat the bad guys, and make it home alive.


    Describe current events in characters' lives

    "Two years have passed since A and B destroyed the evil Villain1 and saved the world."
    Having just done A and B, person1 and person2 are now on their way to town1 to do thing1


    Introduce a sampling of situations the characters get into

    "With enemies from his past afoot, his friends trying to eat him and a giant poisonous mushroom trying to get him high, what’s a young boy to do?! "
    Along with an almost-naked old man, a loincloth-wearing wind spirit and plenty of wacky companions, the duo will help townsfolk, gather Guru Guru spells and have plenty of fun in the process!
    Whether it’s outings with 20-year-old-chain-smoker Noboe, holding each other hostage or learning to speak English with Ana’s foreign-born skills, there’s never a dull moment in the life of the girls.


    Sample Synopses (can you spot the templates?)


    Helpful Tips

    If a series is very ecchi...
    MAKE IT SOUND ECCHI. Example synopses: Kanokon - Lime-iro Senkitan - Ryofuko-chan - To Love-ru - Alice - Saishuu Shiken Kujira

    Use appropriate tones/adjectives/verbs
    Make your synopsis match the kind of series it is (horror, comedy, etc).

    Horror: Tokko
    (more later)

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