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    Posted by BrainBlow on Oct 4, 2013

    Synopsis, screenshots, recommendations

    Hinata Shouyou, upon seeing a volleyball match, is aiming to become "The Small Giant", and joins his middle school volleyball club. After finding new members, they set out for the middle school tournament, where they've cross paths with a formidable school with the "King of the Upper Court", Kageyama Tobio. Although their team lost, Shouyou is still determined to aim for the top and exact revenge on Kageyama. Upon entering high school, he received the biggest surprise--he and Kageyama are in the same school and club!


    This is an amazing sports manga, and is a direct competitor with series like Kuroko no Basuke in WSJ!
    Let me get this straight: Volleyball is one of my least favorite sports to participate in, but this manga is totally awesome!
    I'd recommend it even to people who aren't all that much into sports series. This is the first real sports series I tried after generally having a dismissive attitude towards the genre in the past.
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    Well, it's abnout time this got a thread. It may only be me and you posting in it but it deserved one!

    Quality manga though. The characters are varied and a lot of fun, the matches are exciting and tense, the art is great, even the training chapters are good stuff. If anyone liked Kuroko you should give this a shot, it's very similar.

    Can't wait for the anime, hopefully it will get more people interested in the manga.
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    Posted by Anudevil13 on Oct 5, 2013
    looks nice
    will give it a shot
    after reading Eyeshield21(American Football), Slam Dunk(basketball) ,my interest in sport manga got better
    To poster if u havent read the two i mentioned
    Do it now
    It'll be worth it
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    Posted by BrainBlow on Oct 7, 2013
    Chapter 80
    Lev is probably this series' closest thing to a "prodigy" like is typical of many other sports series, but that eager, competitive personality of his prevents him from being the least bit obnoxious.
    And Hinata deciding to start trying to get the quick-strike without closing his eyes is awesome!
    It seems like the logical next step, as then he'd be able to aim the shot.
    Pumped for the next chapter!
    I disagree. They are delightfully different from each other!
    Among other things, Haikyuu!! is far more realistic than Kuroko no Basuke, and it is almost devoid of "no-effort genius" characters.
    Even the few geniuses that there are, like
    have their skill pretty much deconstructed and shown in a more realistic light, like how
    having a natural affinity on something can quickly end up alienating you from your teammates, make you less cooperative, and inspire envy.
    I think the most striking moment of this is in Oikawa's flashback where he almost ended up punching Kageyama.
    I really liked that about Oikawa: His character type is a dime a dozen in sports series, but quite few of his kin actually work as hard as he does, as he isn't a prodigy at all, but a hard worker.
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    Posted by Bradalee on Oct 7, 2013
    Eh, regardless of how a handfull of character works to get where they are the series' both have a shitload in common. The matches play out similarly and have the same sort of tension and quality about them, the character types are kinda similar, they essentially follow the same competition format, both have teams who are a bit down on their luck suddenly get a couple of great players to propel them up the ranking, both have some decent comedy going on at roughly the same times....

    ....yeah, they are similar series, they just are, and fans of one will probably really enjoy the other. I'd also say that Hinata's jump is a form of no effort genius.

    Chapter 80

    That was a cool chapter, and it's looking like Hinata will be making the transition to ace sooner rather than later. That's very exciting stuff. Lev is a really cool character as well, and will be a good opponent for the guys.
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    Posted by BrainBlow on Oct 7, 2013
    Still quite a while until April, and I don't imagine any VA reveals before February or March.

    Thing is, I actually have a hard time imagining who will be picked, and I can't really point out any favorites myself. No, not even a role for Okamoto.
    I only know I want Atsumi Tanezaki as Yachi, but since it could be until S2 that she appears it feels pointless to ponder now. Besides, there's not enough justice in the world for her to get that role.

    While I'm not entirely sure it is the pick I'd go with, I still imagine that Yuuki Kaiji has a good shot at being cast as Hinata.
    Noriaki Sugiyama seems like a decent pick for Kageyama, although he could probably also work for Tsukishima.
    ah, I think I figured out a character for Okamoto... *sigh* Yamaguchi.
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    Posted by Bradalee on Oct 17, 2013
    Oh man, that latest chapter was cool :love:

    Loved the final page with Hinata and Kageyama on the tree. Can't wait to see Hinata take his game to the next level again, although probably not without some more friction between him and Kageyama.
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    Posted by BrainBlow on Oct 18, 2013
    Chapter 81
    I really like the tension being built up within the team which is bound to explode into character growth!
    Sensei suddenly came with those surprisingly confident and encouraging words, which was pretty cool. He suddenly got to actually be the adviser for once.
    You know, I really like him. He's pretty funny, adorkable, and we've seen some level of growth on his part as well, particularly that confidence we see here.
    It will be interesting to see what happens. I honestly cannot make any concrete predictions at all.
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    Posted by Bradalee on Oct 22, 2013
    Chapter 82

    Oh wow, the real coach Ukai appears! Awesome, let's see what wondrous coaching technique he has up his sleeve. Can't wait for Kageyama's reaction when Hinata has this new shot in his arsenal. I like that he see's it as Hinata being selfish though, when in reality his opinion that he will always be the one to enable Hinata is just as selfish.

    And Yachi is too awesome. Osu! :love:
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    Chapter 82
    Conflict written all over this!
    Dayumn, so it came to blows, and in front of poor Yachi to boot. For a moment I was afraid that it would be the kind of scene where Yachi would get hurt trying to break them up, although that would add a whole other level to this conflict that would probably take too long to resolve when it isn't so long until the next training session. Also, I wouldn't wanna see her get hurt.
    And the real coach Ukai! Awesome! Looking forward to some "cool old guy" content.
    I'm also curious as to what Kageyama is doing.
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    Posted by Bradalee on Oct 27, 2013
    Chapter 83

    Ukai senior is pretty awesome! And that throw was better than anything in ecchi wrestling.

    I'm really loving Hinata's desire to get better by himself, but thebest bit of the chapter was that chat between Oikawa and Kageyama, that was just brilliant. Kageyama needs to get a grip and learn to trust Hinata, and help him grow, rather than thinking he's the one who enables him to strike every time.

    Next week should be fun when he gets taken to Ukai's....ranch? Hut? Whatever.
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    Posted by BrainBlow on Nov 20, 2013
    Chapter 86
    Tsukushima-centered chapters ahead, it seems. This has been a long time coming, since I've thought he was surprisingly out of it from the start.
    Really looking forward to how this turns out.
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    Posted by Bradalee on Mar 20, 2014
    Chapter 99-100

    Just wanted to mention how awesome this colour page was:


    They both look pretty great in the uniform. Can't wait until...until....urm...whatsherface....nope, still can't remember her name....until the current manager leaves, and Yachi can take over fully.

    I'm a little disappointed that the opposition are fighting back, i would have quite liked a first round steamroll for once.
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    Posted by BrainBlow on Mar 20, 2014
    Chapter 99-100
    I gasped at the sight of the girls in the team uniform. In colors. Ohmigawd. Yachan!
    And the matches are finally starting! Gah, I just love the comedy and the atmosphere!
    The opposing team is sympathetic enough right from the getgo. This is shaping up nicely for an opening match. The opposition is probably gonna get beat hard, but a simple steamroll would be no fun.
  15. Bradalee

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    I actually think a steamroll is exactly what's needed here.

    Karasuno have been playing against teams far better than this for a while now, honing their own skills, creating new skills and growing both individually and as a team. It would be nice to see them still stomp this team, even after their little spike in motivation at the end of chapter 100. If they have to pull out their new quick this early on i'll be mad, but i don't think they will.

    And i loved the ex-captain saying "I'm on the second floor, so i'm not scared of you guys", that was a really funny line.
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    Posted by BrainBlow on Apr 26, 2014
    Found this on tumblr
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    Posted by Bradalee on Apr 26, 2014
    The best thing about it is that it's 100% factually accurate, because she is indeed cool. Pretty sad that we'll probably end before, or just as she's away to get introduced in the anime.

    I love how it took her exactly one chapter for me to like her more than, than....urm.....other manager-san....
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    Posted by BrainBlow on Apr 26, 2014
    Eh, I imagine Yacchan was planned all along, but it was savvy to have her enter the story as late as that, and while it was taking a breather after the tournament so that it got enough time to develop her without "getting in the way".
    All the more reason to make Kiyoko "bland."

    And I think Yachi is going to end up not being introduced before season 2.
    Ittetsu serves as the "clueless" character in the first act(I love how he develops, by the way), and Yachi will serve the role for the second, most likely.
    I think that would be for the best, as it would be kind of terrible to have her pop up towards the end, only for the anime to, you know, end. Then we'd have to agonizingly wait for another year or two to see her again.
    I can't stop! I can't stop!








    At least she's getting recognition.

    Calling it: When her turn comes, Yachi will be voiced by HanaKana.
    Thought about it for a bit, and it would probably match pretty well. I'd prefer Atsumi Tanezaki, but I do that for pretty much any notable female role nowadays...
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    Posted by Bradalee on Apr 27, 2014
    I doubt Kyouko was bland to make Yachi look better.

    Chapter 103-104

    Twp chapters just popped up, which is awesome because just this afternoon i was wondering when the next chapter would be released.

    And damn were they two very good ones. The match was tense and exciting, and Hyakuzawa was a pretty fun antagonist character to have for this ones since it allows the new "minus tempo" quick to be explained pretty well. We also got to see some pretty cool teamwork from the rest of the team.

    It was cool seeing Kageyama a little surprised at how on form he was feeling, which i guess enabled them to play that new quick a few times even though they've far from perfected it. I enjoyed seeing Nishinoya have a fairly large amount of page time as well, it feels like a while since we had so much of him in one go.

    I didn't really enjoy that middle school teacher though, i thought she was fairly irritating with her basic questions and misunderstanding of the game.

    Great stuff though, i'm excited for the future rounds.
  20. BrainBlow

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    Posted by BrainBlow on Apr 27, 2014
    I meant it more as in the amount of time allocated to character development of a manager character.
    Early on in a series' publication, a single wasted chapter cangenerally will result in a death sentence for the series.

    Chapter 103-104
    Yeah, it was pretty interesting to see the new strategies that they've got going, bringing their evolution one step further.
    Kageyama was pretty funny with the "damn they feel good today" stuff as well.
    The "antagonist" got a tiny bit of character development with how he quickly ended up conceding that volleyball is not as simple as it seems.

    On the previous Yacchan note: I love how she was taking notes and giggling this chapter. The best kind of "sideline" behavior, while at the same time reminding us of some basic concepts.

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