Grappler Baki

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    Posted by Tolone on Jul 27, 2003
    Grappler Baki

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    Between ep 16 and 17 how many years has passed? I thought it was still 2 years after baki's fight with his father but then the guy that runs the underground arena says "the little kid who arrived 3 years ago is now the champion". Just kinda confusing if it is 3 years later since it went from 2 to 5 without any warning ;0

    Also was the grappler baki movie based on the same manga the tv series is? I had always assumed they were 2 different things since baki had a different personality, the fighting seemed a little different, and there didnt seem to be any underground arena...but the last ep plays out VERY similarly to near the end of the movie. Only part thats got me confused is that in the movie baki was going to alot of karate matches which I dont like the one in the tv series would do. Oh well it will be interesting seeing his fight with the cord cutter(the tv series doesnt seem to call him that though) since the fighting in the tv series is a little different.
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    been awhile since i watched, but iirc he is 16 during the tournament saga
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