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  1. alexander

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    Can't believe there's no thread for this.

    Usually I stay far away from shows adapted from magazines whose title is Shounen something or other. But I love Keroro Gunsou and Gintama. They are the only really long series I ever allowed myself to watch.

    It's not wide screen, not well drawn, kiddy stuff and full of fart jokes! Brilliant!

    Highlights include news anchor Ketsu-no Ana, the longest still frame ever in ep47, and the cafe's me-nyuu in ep66 XD
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  2. KiraRin

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    I think I'm only up to ep 45ish on Gintama, but I absolutely love it. Completely offbeat humour, and some of the best characters I've seen in a series for a long time! I mean, who wouldn't love a giant white dog/alien that likes to chew on peoples heads...

  3. pojken

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    Posted by pojken on Oct 1, 2008
    I love this series. I started watching this about half a year ago. I took an afternoon and sat through a bunch of episodes. Usually, I'm opposed to starting anime that have tons of episodes because they're hard to find or take too much time, but this one was definitely worth it. I am surprised that there isn't a bigger following (per this thread only having two posts).

    I'm on episode 84, but the show in general is hilarious and quirky. It's completely different from most all other anime. I love the take on cultural references (especially the fact that the fansubbers take time to explain a lot of them). It's nice to see a character like Gintama that is flawed just try to live his life. Each episode seems to have its own running gag along with show-long running gags.

    I was looking for funny anime because there was a Gintama dry spell and found few that live up to the humor in Gintama. (Sayonara Zetsubo Sensei and Detroit Metal City being some of my other favorite humor anime.)

    It's cool that the fansubber is catching up to the number of episodes. I kind of like the way they release in batches.
  4. alexander

    alexander New Member

    That means you're watching the "wrong" sub ;)
  5. pojken

    pojken New Member

    Posted by pojken on Oct 3, 2008
    Hehe... Thanks for the info. Unfortunately, I don't speak or understand Japanese and take it as it is given. The episodes are funny enough regardless of concise translation - I'm sure if I was Japanese and immersed in the culture, I'd even find more enjoyment out of Gintama.

    I rely on a few sites to dish out the shows and haven't gotten savvy enough to search or find them on my own.
  6. Worosei

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    Posted by Worosei on Oct 4, 2008
    aye, i didnt realise there wasnt a gintama discussion thread.

    It's really quite underrated here on A-P, though i must admit the first (double) episode wasnt that good and it put me off gintama for a while.

    I guess the fact its a long series is also a deterrant for people and on the face looks really stupid humour...

    though i always mispronounce gintama - i see 'gin' and expect it to be said that way
  7. alexander

    alexander New Member

    Same here. But I was uncharacteristically swayed by a damn blogger and this sentence from his next post: "The show only gets good at about episode 18, and beyond that it's bloody legendary." It is unheard of that I watch this much just to see if it gets better.

    There is another weak stretch in the fifties, with ep52 seeing them blathering like Bleach, two two-parters, and a sudden seriousness in ep59 that is as unfun as Keroro ep100.

    There is no stupid humour, only jokes that are bad if you take them seriously. Gintama is meta, at the expense of 'real' shounen series. But like those it has a wonderful innocence and positive outlook...

    ...already manifested in the title. Which is pronounced like 'gin' always is, in Japanese ;)

    It shows how good Gintama is at how unexpected some things are. Like ep79!
  8. qwertyuiopz

    qwertyuiopz New Member

    it amazes me how they have not been sued yet
    but w/e it is my new top anime and the funniest and most entertaining one i have seen :)

    and i heard that rumbel subs are teaming w/ sMi subs
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  9. DaimaoRaki

    DaimaoRaki New Member

    I've been reading the manga recently and can't wait for the dub to come out in R1. Don't really care for fansubs.
  10. Worosei

    Worosei New Member

    hmm i wonder how good the dubs are... i'd imagine the scriptwriters will have a relatively hard job... though u cant watch the dub! then u wont hear rie kugimiya's beautiful voice!
  11. alexander

    alexander New Member

    What dub? The show isn't licensed, and I don't think anybody will. It'd be the longest comedy series to be released in the west by an order of magnitude.

    Or wait, there's Shin-chan...

    And you probably wouldn't hear any of the swearing. Not much of Gintama is bad words in Japanese, but I wouldn't know how to faithfully translate them without an R rating for language.
  12. Hisokasbaby

    Hisokasbaby New Member

    I totally love Gintama.
    I currently have it stalled due to other series I'm watching, but it's pretty fantastic. One of the funniest anime series I've seen in awhile. Much different from most of the humor in anime these days. The bluntness and crudeness of their can't beat it.

    I like to recommend this one to people, but not everyone who I've recommended it to enjoyed it. I suppose it's one of those series that a person could either thoroughly enjoy or be completely disgusted with. =\
  13. Iahel

    Iahel New Member

    Posted by Iahel on Nov 22, 2008
    Gintama... for me it became more than just anime. somehow resembles One Piece.
    among all comedy which makes you laugh out loud every time there are awesome characters. can't explain it, but they're somehow like old buddies. after a week you just pick up one more Gintama episode and life become better. all of them act stupid 90% of screen time but it makes them so "alive" and "human", like you meet neighbours or somebody you know for a long time.
    *gone for therapeutic dose of Gintama for today
  14. macguy

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    It takes so long to sub Gintama and we're like 40 episodes away from where the series is really at? I appreciate the fact that subs exist but am disappointed at how slow it takes. Gintama is the BEST comedy in anime though. I don't think any TV show beats it either...
  15. Roman

    Roman Member

    Posted by Roman on Jan 14, 2009
    I tryed watching Gintama but the humour is rather unsettling for me so I dropped it. I just didn't buzzed by it.
  16. Menchi

    Menchi New Member

    Posted by Menchi on May 7, 2009
    I laughed like 2 hours after the sneezing-episode (47, was it...?)!!
    Oh man, I just love this series... The best are the minor characters like Elizabeth, Zura, Hijikata, Hattori and Otsuu-chan :D But Gintoki is my favorite one, off course.

    Currently watching on ep 66... Can't wait for more! Oi oi, anyone know how many episodes they're planning on doing?
  17. unbe

    unbe New Member

    Posted by unbe on May 27, 2009
    Season 4 just started and in 2 to 3 days episode 159 is gonna come out. So there's plenty for us Gintama fans to watch (and to rewatch) =P
  18. Quizap

    Quizap Active Member

    Anyone watch this, and if so, is it any good? Just recently heard one of the OPs for it and got curious.
  19. alexander

    alexander New Member

    See above for about eight people who'd answer yes and yes.
  20. SabakunoYana

    SabakunoYana New Member

    Gintama is so funny :P I'm watching it in this days and like it, let's see what way take the series n_n

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