Gakuen Alice

Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by runpsicat, Nov 17, 2004.

  1. runpsicat

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    Gakuen Alice
    (a.k.a. Alice Academy)

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    Currently being subbed by Naisho.

    I have no idea what this series is about, so here is what JASCII has said about it. :)
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  2. tardo

    tardo Guest

    Posted by tardo on Nov 18, 2004
    i've got only one thing to say.

  3. Aydan

    Aydan New Member

    Posted by Aydan on Nov 19, 2004
    Jeah this is a very cute show. Move over snail mail, it's time for turtle mail. :frustrat:
  4. RecklessAngel

    RecklessAngel New Member

    I really like it.

    it's ... hmmm... the style of humour is rather similar to kodocha... yet not.

    as for story...

    some people have what is called an 'Alice' .. which is a sort of special power. like... being able to create fire ... or extreme charisma... (examples taken from the first episode)...

    these people are extremely rare... so Japan (and supposedly most other countries as well) has created a special school for people with these abilities.
    and if you have an ability like that... you *must* enter the school, which is an escelator type school. meaning.. you'll be there for quite a while.
    also.. you can't meet anyone from the outside while you're there...
    (but your family get a rather hefty sum of cash in exchange)
    the school's name? Alice Gakuen.

    Now put yourselves in the shoes of Mikan.
    she's fighting to keep her old school from being torn down... but the town she lives in has no more money...
    suddenly she recieves a letter by Turtlemail from her best friend Hotaru who has to go away to Alice Gakuen... and all of a sudden, the town has enough money to keep the school open...

    what to do? ... go to Tokyo and find Hotaru, of course. =^_^=

    I don't really think there are too many spoilers in that... do you?
  5. caweman

    caweman New Member

    Episode 6:
    Thistime we got to see that Flame of recca(Kurei) impersonator with the mask. They realy look alike. Or i haven't watched flame of recca for a looong time
    well, perhaps not that big spoiler, but better safe that sorry :balloon:
  6. Aydan

    Aydan New Member

    Posted by Aydan on May 3, 2005
    The end of ep 08 just broke my heart. (T_T)
  7. unitzero

    unitzero New Member

    just watched this show in it's entirety.
    it's not all that bad.
    something about the production reminded me of Prince of Tennis.
    anyway a solid 3/5

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