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  1. purplemo

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    Posted by purplemo on Oct 31, 2008
    Ga-Rei -Zero-[sadhl=2138]ga-rei-zero[/sadhl][sadhdc][/sadhdc]

    Hmm, no thread yet?

    Well, I finally got time to catch up. I'm liking it a lot more than I would have thought. Looks like this series is going to do what kure-nai did, start off with a prequel to the "current" timeline in the manga. To be honest I never found Yomi all that compelling (Shizuru was more interesting to me). And I was really looking forward to Kensuke and Kagura and not Yomi's story.

    Now I'm getting more and more drawn into Yomi's past; I'm more drawn to this than Tytania or the other ones I was high up on. My only worry is that I feel like Yomi's past will carry this show to its end, much like kure-nai. As much as I'm enjoying Yomi right now, I still want to see the Yomi or Shizuru arc, not just the pre-story.

    Actually this feels a lot like my feelings when kure-nai came out. Both were initially very high on my radar and then dropped a lot when I realized they were prequels. Then they began to pull me back in. At least this time around I don't know the ending to the story, so I can thoroughly enjoy this as a semi-n00b. It does have one of the better first episodes that I can recall sans bike-fighting. Well, that was actually quite good too, in a different way . . .

    And of note, I'm glad to see Yomi use the iron. It's great to see that weapon come back. Almost as good as Ken-chan's "beast."
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  2. Lyzl

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    Posted by Lyzl on Nov 1, 2008
    I really enjoyed the first 2 episodes of this anime, Extremely compelling way of opening a series. However, at episode 4 now, it seems to be steadily heading downhill into mediocrity, I know nothing of the manga, but if episode 4 is any indicator of what's to come, then this may have gone from top to dropped.
  3. Quizap

    Quizap New Member

    Posted by Quizap on Nov 1, 2008
    As it is now, it's a prequel to where the manga starts off. I think it's 3 years before the manga even begins. Because Kagura has very short hair and in the manga her hair is a bit longer. The last episode of Gai-Re Zero will probably be
    Kagura stabbing and ultimately killing the living Yomi with that special knife with her dead father near by. I wonder how they're going to show Kagura losing Micheal's sword though?

    I agree with Purplemo though, Kensuke and Kagura are sooo much more interesting then Yomi and Kagura's past.
  4. sloggerK

    sloggerK New Member

    Posted by sloggerK on Nov 1, 2008
    All I know is that I saw 3 episodes and still didn't have the slightest clue about what's going on. I wasn't even sure if the 1st 2 eps were supposed to be before or after the 3rd. Not to mention it's like every ep had different characters.
  5. prodigyxss19

    prodigyxss19 New Member

    Posted by prodigyxss19 on Nov 2, 2008
    The 4th episode continues where the 3rd one left off, so the rest of the series may follow in one direction now. I also noticed they are very different compared to the first two episodes.
  6. AnimeExpert

    AnimeExpert New Member

    Posted by AnimeExpert on Nov 3, 2008
    Sadly, this anime seemed to have gone downhill after they added an OP and ED. It was interesting take on typical shounen in the first episode, but from the second (barely) and definitely the third on, it reverted back to mediocrity.
  7. purplemo

    purplemo New Member

    Posted by purplemo on Nov 3, 2008
    Well, it's not that I'm not interested in Yomi's story. It is just I see this as going down kure-nai's path of doing the "pre-story" and ending before it reaches the "present." Just like with kure-nai, I enjoyed the "pre-story" but not enough to be okay with throwing away the "present" story.

    The other thing too is that Kagura just doesn't quite seem the same. I can't quite put my finger on it, but the personality's different enough that it just doesn't quite feel right. Maybe it's cuz she doesn't make all those stupid faces . . . ;p

    Regardless, this one will still be high on my list, if for no other reason than the pedigree.

    Kagura gives Kensuke Michael 12 if I remember right (she was transporting it back to the office when they met I think). After all, she doesn't quite need it after she got "Shiro." Though he was more fun with Douglas.
  8. Worosei

    Worosei New Member

    Posted by Worosei on Nov 3, 2008
    yeah i'm a little disappointed by how ga-rei is going...

    well i might keep watching, or ill drop this and go the manga, and then if i like the manga come back to the anime as i dont see me becoming very engaged with the story line,

    and i dont really like some of those over the top, im too cool for school killing people with a motor bike and a suitcase antics that are displayed... it would be cool if it was done a bit better...
    i think ill stick to kurozuka for my bloody fix as that one looks promising, and shikabane hime or finish up jigoku shojo for the 'drama horror' styled one, as ga-rei feels a bit eh...
  9. DemonRoach

    DemonRoach Banned

    Posted by DemonRoach on Nov 3, 2008
    nice episode 4--what happened?--nothing happened! May as well of just skipped it.
  10. Hyperbole1729

    Hyperbole1729 New Member

    Haven't read the manga, but I really like it. I don't mind the change after episode 2.

    Well I love shoujo-ai... and it is clear that Yomi loves Kagura. And that kiss was so sweet ^^
  11. purplemo

    purplemo New Member

    Posted by purplemo on Nov 7, 2008
    Seems like a lot of people don't really care for this anime now that it is delving into Kagura and Yomi's past. I guess maybe it's because I'm pretty invested in Kagura that I still enjoy this despite the fact that I would much rather see Kagura/Kensuke or Kagura/Shizuru. And despite what I've been saying, Yomi is starting to grow on me too. I did always feel she could have used more backstory than just the snippets Kagura and the perv showed in the manga.

    Actually I'm rather drawn to this story now as I want to see how Kagura gets "Shiro" and Yomi's encounter with the shouta . . .

    I guess it also helps that I went into Yomi's story "blind and dumb," something which Fireaxe can explain works quite well. He can also explain the many instances where I went into a show knowing what happened and came out horridly disappointed . . .
  12. Quizap

    Quizap New Member

    Posted by Quizap on Nov 7, 2008
    I'm enjoying Yomi's past more and more. It gives good insight as to why she never really truly attacked Kagura or her fiance` while being a spirit.
  13. purplemo

    purplemo New Member

    Posted by purplemo on Nov 8, 2008
    Well, I've been watching Ga-Rei Zero as it comes out for five episodes now (well, as they come out as quick as I can . . .), which is very rare for me. Even when my top 50 shows came out I rarely kept up as they came out. I'm glad to see Nori and Yomi act more like themselves now (though Nori still isn't the perv he is in the manga); even Kagura is beginning to act like herself. The introduction of Mei throws off what I thought might happen given
    Yomi asks Kagura if she will kill her again in the manga. So I wonder if Mei still won't be the one to kill Yomi.
    But that actually makes me want to watch more to see if what I thought was right or not.

    Anyways, I still love this show, but I can't really call it a great show. More like this is fanservice to fans of the original work, especially given its place in the timeline.
  14. prodigyxss19

    prodigyxss19 New Member

    Episode 6:
    Fight scenes were awesome as usual, especially when Kagura and Yomi were fighting the copycat monster in the beginning. We finally get to see a real villain for the show and Mei supposedly dies by said butterfly villain. They revealed her motives about her too much though, so I don't think she is dead yet. I also can't wait to see how Kagura's friends are going to react. Damn cliffhangers...
  15. scythelord50

    scythelord50 New Member

    No she really is dead, think back on the first episode when Yomi killed everyone. Butterflys flew everywhere therefor assuming she has been taken over by the butterfly guy(or something along those lines), And come on if Yomi were to become evil would Mei Really let her live. Therefor one of them have to be dead and if Yomi is alive then that only means Mei is dead.
  16. Crazy49er

    Crazy49er New Member

    Posted by Crazy49er on Nov 21, 2008
    anti-evil .....iron? *sigh*
  17. prodigyxss19

    prodigyxss19 New Member

    Episode 7:
    It definitely looks like Mei is being controlled by the butterfly guy and it looks like this is where Yomi will start to change. It looks like your going to be right Scythelord about Yomi being possessed by butterfly guy at some point in the future. I completely forgot about seeing the butterflies in episode 1.
  18. Crazy49er

    Crazy49er New Member

    Posted by Crazy49er on Dec 6, 2008
    is it just me or does the kid with the butterflies seem eerily similar to the main character from D. GrayMan ?
  19. Hyperbole1729

    Hyperbole1729 New Member

    Episode 8:
    That was probably one of the best episode so far. Very charged emotionally.
    :crying::crying::crying: YOMI :crying::crying::crying:
  20. Crazy49er

    Crazy49er New Member

    Posted by Crazy49er on Dec 17, 2008
    Episode 9:

    ...Come to the dark side

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