Fruits Basket

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    Fruits Basket

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    Now obviously I am not going to offer any spoilers in here for those who haven't seen all of it yet.

    But is it just me or is the ending for it REALLY poor? I mean they build up to this amazing climax and then the ending occurs and you feel unsatisfied like the creators didn't bother thinking about it properly and just shoved any old ending down?

    Again this is just my opinion. I know a few people who loved the ending. I just didn't find it satisfying... the way the plot was heading and all...
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  2. ingrey

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    Posted by ingrey on Nov 14, 2007
    Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    Expect a reply from FruitsBasket soon.
  3. Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    Yah a lot of people thought it was bad. Probably because they don't like open endings. I thought it fit the type of anime FB is. Tohru visits Akito, the main villian of the show, and does her speech thing that she has been doing the entire series. She made Akito realize that even though his life is bad, there is people that still care for her and the most important part is that she is still alive. This gave Akito a bit of shock and made him think. Tohru then leaves with Hatohri and Shigure(both of them seemed to be effected by Tohrus speech since they seem kind of giddy). I don't remember quite well but Kyo and Im not sure if others waited for Tohru but they were all happy that it went well with Akito. The most important thing is that Tohru was able to live with the Sohmas in the end. The ending was open but it was a happy ending.

    Most anime are based off mangas that haven't ended yet or suppose to end at that point. Hence there's a lot of anime with open endings. If you want a more conclusive ending just read FB manga since it was finished a couple months ago. I didn't like it too much since the theme changed to relationships/love. But there is still a lot of good scenes that I enjoy like the one about Tohrus parents past.

    Aite still 4am somehow I magically woke up and saw this post. Now im going back to sleep.
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  4. purplemo

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    Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    I'm fine with it. I'm not one to need happy endings where everyone gets paired up with their mate for life for everything. Nor an I adversed to "zero" or bad endings. Considering Furuba struck me as a slice o'life show, I find it fine that it ended with the major current obstacle out of the way and didn't try to resolve by picking a guy. And you know if Tohru ended up hooked with one of them, the other's fangirls would go berserk and there'd be a flame war between the two camps.

    In fact, I like that they didn't force the issue. After all, there was not the obvious romantic tension between any of them. It felt more like a desperate need for friendship leading to a pre-romance stage. It would take another season (that one that has been on the books for the last 5 or so years) to develop the romance between anyone to get a real relationship going.

    Of course, if you're talking about the cat demon and not the relationships, that's another story. I think that went fine though too. It's a shoujo show after all, not a shounen monster hack n' slash fest.
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  5. Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    Wow emo o_O We agreed on something. THE WORLDS ARE COLLIDING!!
    Anyways when I hear people that say that they hate FB's ending I think of only 2 possible reasons.

    1)They didn't understand the ending.

    2)They love Fruit Basket so much they were mad that it had to end.
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  6. zoelyn

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    Posted by zoelyn on Nov 14, 2007
    Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    Hmm... well since FB is pretty much my favorite anime right now, I'll add my two cents.

    I was actually surprised to see in another thread (perhaps one of the poll-like things that this site does... sorry I forgot what they're called...) that so many people were disappointed with the ending.

    I don't like incomplete endings, but I really don't feel like FB was lacking all that much. What I dislike most in terms of anime endings is a "happily ever after" with sugar and a cherry on top. Honestly, life isn't like that (although in real life, people don't turn into animals by simply hugging them... but I kind of wish that could happen :p).

    What I'm saying is, I think FB left enough that makes you want to maybe read the manga and dive deeper into the story, but resolved enough that if left with just the anime, at least things are cleared up and you aren't getting mad at the writers for leaving poor Tohru in a bad situation. At least things are civil and peaceful, without being overly perfect and happy.
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  7. alyss

    alyss New Member

    Posted by alyss on Nov 14, 2007
    Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    Well, I didn't really like the idea that the anime ended before we got to see all the members of the zodiac. That just seems really incomplete. Of course, the manga wasn't done yet so it's understandable, but it doesn't sit well with me.

    Also, maybe because the manga wasn't done, it seemed like they had to pick something (kyo's ugly cat form) and make it a really big deal so it seems more like a climax. I personally didn't think Kyo having that form was that big of a deal to live up to the expectations and suspense, and in the manga IIRC it wasn't emphasized so much.

    That said i didn't mind the ending too much really.
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  8. Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    Yeah I have no idea how FB ended on the list of worst endings when you have shows like Air TV. :hamster:

    I'll use my reasonings from my post above. That and probably only a few people voted :...:
  9. purplemo

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    Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    Lots of people like happy endings. Heck, you should see the people who complain about the Fatal Frame/Project Zero/Rei games. The Rei (or Zero) in the title refers to the fact that the canon endings are "zero" endings, neither happy nor sad. Yet people who play those games still want a happy conclusive ending and whine about why there isn't one WHEN THE TITLE TELLS YOU THERE ISN'T ONE.

    I actually despise the usual 'happy' endings because it's usually unrealistic and too 'clean.' I prefer more realism (yes, I know I'm saying this about a medium that spawns emo teens who can kill anyone they want with their cardboard rainbow robots).

    Also, I'm not sure, but if I remember right, Furuba wasn't close to being done at the anime's end. If they made up an ending, how much annoying whining do you think there would be, regardless of the quality?

    And lastly, I found the Air ending better than most animes. I kinda liked how they didn't force the issue with a happy ending. I actually found the Summer and Air arcs much more enjoyable than the coma-inducing Dream arc. Though in the end, the only Key story I truly enjoyed was Planetarian.
  10. Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    I like bittersweet endings. Too depressing is too emo for me. Too happy is too Disney for me.
  11. FalseDawn

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    Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    One more fan of the Air ending here ^_^

    I disliked Fruits Basket's ending largely because it was so out-of-context. I'm not one of these people who bemoan when series diverge from the manga (unless it's done horribly like it is with series like Bleach, etc), but the ending was so different to what had come before. The darkness just didn't fit the shoujo feel to the series, and the last two episodes in particular felt like a completely different anime.

    I didn't mind what happened particularly, just that the direction was jarring and that it wasn't the right mood with which to end that particular series.
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  12. VivisQueen

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    Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    The ending wasn't bad at all. As far as I was concerned
    it was always about the individual life experiences more than the romance. The show, whilst insinuating romance, never played much on it, so I didn't expect it to suddenly go that way. Instead, I appreciated the dark and disturbed turmoil Kyo was going through being used as the vehicle for the ending. His story was definitely the best.

    I don't think it was the most satisfying ending in the world, since it left a couple of things in the air, but then so do a lot of anime e.g. FMA. This is especially permissible when you consider the manga wasn't even finished then. The series did a great job, and whilst very episodic and somewhat slice-of-life at times, I felt I got to watch some great characters learn and develop. All that's left to do is to call for a second and third series.

    By the way, is Akito the dragon of the zodiac then? I don't think they ever explained. I was constantly waiting for a dragon. There is a dragon... isn't there? Or am I making it up?
  13. purplemo

    purplemo New Member

    Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    No, I watched Air because because I fell in love with using Kanna in EFZ and MUGEN. Plus I figured after putting Air on hold after stopping some two years ago that I should finish it.

    Actually for a harem show, Air's not that bad. Well, actually, considering all the harem shows I've seen (or dropped in disgust), it ranks pretty high. That can either mean I have a very low opinion globally for harem shows, or Air was good. Take your pick.

    Vivi, the dragon was
    Hatori. That's why he was a sea horse.
  14. Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    No Hatori is the dragon (sea dragon). Akito only had a short time left to live because he bore the "core" of the Zodiac curse. "I alone carry the full weight of the Zodiac curse." Hes just the sacrifice I think. Not any animal.

    lol honestly I think people that hate the ending probably just want to see Tohru end up with yuki or kyo (kyo probably more). They want that sweet lovely dovey FB. That isn't what FB anime was about imo.
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  15. wolfangel87

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    Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    I really wished they had continued more with the story. It kinda went from being moderately happy to extremely depressing and sad for the last like three episodes!
  16. Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    I never heard of people feeling sad or depress after watching fruit basket. I guess sad and depress because it ended o_O
  17. FalseDawn

    FalseDawn New Member

    Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    I beg to differ. The last two episodes were pretty hard-going, emotionally. The series kinda spiralled into despair at that point and there was no respite whatsoever.
  18. Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    The story follows a certain pattern.. sad things happen, Tohru's speeches makes it all better. The ending episodes were a bit more sad but it should be that way. All obstacles can't just be solved with a simple speech. Well it was sort of...

    I'm shocked by how hard hitting the ending was to leave people depressed and sad.
  19. FalseDawn

    FalseDawn New Member

    Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    Watch that last episode, if you don't believe me. Tell me if the hue ever lightens from grey for the whole 24 minutes. It doesn't... now, I've watched Narutaru and Bokurano and several other dark series, but even they have colour to them whereas the Fruits Basket last episode...

    As I say, it's completely different to the rest of the series. It supercedes the previous "problems" too much and it feels really out-of-place.
  20. purplemo

    purplemo New Member

    Re: Fruits Basket's Ending...

    Eh, Furuba always had a muted greyish tone. Look at the rabbit in his most garish and compare it to other shoujo or harem shows, and Furuba looks downright dull. It's just more noticeable since they never had a dark bad weather day like in the last eps before.

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