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  1. elemein

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    Posted by elemein on Sep 27, 2013
    Episode 13

    I have literally never seen a more likeable character than Rider that isn't inherently some kind of Mary Sue or anything. It's brilliant! It's like he's so human and naive and foolish, but he knows it and is proud of it and uses it... He's just awesome!

    Then of course you have Caster and his master being... Well actually, Caster's Master was oddly insightful for one. Too bad he's marked for death by three Servants and with Rider involved, that thing is dead for sure.

    Entertaining to say the least! I always love episodes with Rider! :smile:
  2. HasseRovdjur

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    Episode 15:

    Epic battle is epic. This show excels at making flashy stuff look awesome. Caster's death scene was rather meh, but not as cheesy as his master's.

    I dunno who Berserker is, but I kind of suspect that it is King Midas. I mean, everything he touches becomes a part of his Noble Phatnasm.
  3. HasseRovdjur

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    Episode 16:

    NOOOOOO, LANCER!!! :crying::crying::crying::crying:

    Farewell, you bishie among men. The show will never be fabulous again.

    Maiya and Kiritsugu sure are coldblooded killers. Not like the other Masters play nice anyway, but still. Kiritsugu may talk down on Saber's ideals, but beneath all the talking points about foregoing the rules of conflict that the Obama administration wish they could use it seems that he is just hiding behind ideals himself, having failed to live up to his ideals and now just spout off the usual "the ends justify the means" spiel. Not like the other Masters play nice anyway, but still.

    Kirei, on the other hand, is coming out of his shell as a kind of wetworks operative for the Church into something of a loose cannon. I'm interested to see where this goes.
  4. Taekwondoin

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    Episodes 15-17

    Saber's Noble Phantasm was like a Noble Orgasm of light, death, and awesomeness. Casters death was better than his masters, but still kinda cheesy.

    Now that was a death! His rage at the end was brilliant, the death totally unjust. I fucking hate Kiritsugu, even more now than before. He should have trusted Saber to win the battle, at least then Lancer could have had the honourable death that he would have preferred. Stabbing himself through the chest like that was pretty painful to watch. Then Kayneth and Sola-Ui get shot to pieces... I can't stand these underhanded tricks, especially wen the justification for them is bullshit.

    So it seems that Irisviel won't be with us much longer, seemingly she's going to return to some other state of being that she was before, I kind of missed what she said. As I expected, Gilgamesh has transferred his contract over to Kirei, after Kirei stabbed Tokiomi in the back, literally.

    All these people are douches. Waver may be whiny, but at least he's not some murderous fuckwit, and Kamiya just seems to want some kind of murederous vengance on Tokiomi for giving up his daughter, well he's been denied that now.

    I Hope everyone other than Rider, Saber and Irisviel dies or gives up in this war, then Saber and Irisviel can live out their hidden yuri fantasies while Rider goes around laughing and being awesome. Alas, I don't see that happening :crying:
  5. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Sep 30, 2013
    Episode 13

    Long story short: If I didn't have the second season ready to watch, I'd be flipping shit.
  6. HasseRovdjur

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    Episode 17:

    Well played, Gilgamesh and Kirei, well played. Tokiomi's own Servant foiled his plans and steered Kirei in a more rebellious direction. Shit just got more awesome again, since Kirei actually is a threat to everyone else, while Tokiomi just seemed to be sneering and self-absorbed.
  7. LinkSword


    Posted by LinkSword on Sep 30, 2013
    Taek hates pretty much everything I loved about Kiritsugu. :laugh:

    Characters who play it nice and honorable in a death match are boring, imo.
    Except if the character is called Rider.
  8. Taekwondoin

    Taekwondoin Well-Known Member

    ^ He's just a sociopath as demonstrated in...

    ...Episode 18

    Shota Kiritsugu, or Kerry as he shall now be known, was shown up in 1 episode by some female mercenary mage who was infinitely more badass in 5 minutes of screen time that fuck face has been in nearly 2 seasons. I'm not sure if this episode was there purely for backstory or to try and make us more sympathetic towards Kerry-kun, if the former, then ok, it was kinda interesting, if the latter, then all it did was just prove to me that he is and always has been a sociopath. He couldn't kill Shirley, but it was totally fine to kill his Dad, already he's justifying murder for his own means. And when the bad ass mage woman came to take him away and he gives his reasons, she tells him it was a shitty excuse. Because it is a shitty excuse. They were there to seal him and his magical ability, which would have stopped his research, but oh no, Kerry know's best, he'll just stab him in the gut and then riddle him with bullets.

    Fuck I hate this guy. I wish Shirley had just bitten him straight from the off and then he could have been burned to death like all the other Dead Apostles. speaking of her, we never did see what became of her, I guess she was killed off by the mages/church, but pretty sure we'll never see.

    In conclusion, not enough Saber.
  9. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Oct 1, 2013
    Episode 14

    A continuation of episode 13, boners through and through despite the badass Cthulhu calamari slaughtering and massive tentacle action.

    Ryuusuke, Caster's Master getting sniped like that was almost anti-climatic, thought he was speared at first by Lancer but it was the sniper, who wrapped it up with a head-shot. A bit cheese but damn that click-click before he gets a brain transplant for lead was damn good. Glad to see Bluebeard is still rampaging and doing shit instead of disappearing like a total pansy.

    Douchebag- I mean Gilgamesh, is a total dick. He could have done shit instead of being a douche but instead sits back until Berserker fucking hijacks a fighter plane and gets into a guitar-riff air battle with Gilgs. Shit was awesome. And Tohsaka, douchesack for giving up Sakura to the House of Douche. Worms Guy is still a cool guy despite the worms and insects which totally wig me out and this was a damn good episode. Action action action.

  10. HasseRovdjur

    HasseRovdjur Breast Claw

    Episode 18:

    Pretty damn cliché origin story for Kiritsugu, with a female mage that was pretty damn cliché herself, but as Tae said, she was way more badass than Kiritsugu has been so far. Blah blah blah dead childhood friend blah blah blah lost innocence. At least try to make a backstory that is something other than just by the numbers.

    Pretty sure that Kiritsugu didn't just kill his dad because he wanted the research stopped, he just rationalised it that way. He just wanted revenge.
  11. Taekwondoin

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    Episode 19

    Firstly, I'd like to point out how much I've enjoyed this show so far. Yes, I dislike the majority of the masters as characters, and constantly wish there was some more Saber x Irisviel yuri, but actually this has been heading for a solid 4-4.5/5 from me.

    However, if I have to sit through another bullshit back story of Kuntsugu, I will tear my own lungs out. With the last episode I thought that perhaps it was just there for the sake of having some back story, now I realise they're trying to make us sympathetic to his cause. Well fuck you Urobuchi, you will never make me like this sociopathic fuckwit, you'll never make me say "Oh poor Kerry-kun, having to kill his father and now his mother figure", why? Because he obviously enjoys the act of killing, he justifies it each and every time with "I'm killing to save others", no, you're killing because you are too short sighted to see any other way, because you're so wrapped up in your stoic ideal that someone has to clean the shit up this way, that you can't find any other way to solve problems. As a result, you're killing people for the sake of it.

    Let's assume that all of the above wasn't true for a second, say we all thought that he had to kill people to "HERMERGERHD GUTTA SAIV DE WARLD", then what was achieved when he killed Kayneth in cold blood? That was plain old desire, I want this object, this guy has the potential to stop me.

    Conclusion: Stop giving me all this bullshit about how killing is OK as long as it's for the greater good. Fuck. Has no one read Harry Potter?
  12. HasseRovdjur

    HasseRovdjur Breast Claw

    Episode 19:

    Basically, what Tae said. Kiritsugu is just hiding his violent tendencies behind ideology just as much as Saber and Lancer. Also, his crying at the end was very hilarious.
  13. GekoHayate

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    Posted by GekoHayate on Oct 2, 2013
    Ooh so close to the end, I'll wait to chime in.
  14. Taekwondoin

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    ^No spoilers you!

    Episode 20

    Kiritsugu cries again :smile:

    Maiya dies though... Wait, was I supposed to be sad? I mean, I guess she was, err, a character or something? As soon as she started telling Iri about her small amount of grimdark back story (child soldier yo), and Iri told her to keep living, I was pretty certain that she was going to die.

    Saber and Rider will fight next then, it's kind of strange to think that Rider has killed a human, I guess he would do it without hesitation, but so far throughout the show the only people he has killed have been the Assassin servants, so just a little strange that he would break into a house, kill someone and kidnap another.

    I hope Saber wins this next battle, I like Rider a lot, but I have more respect for Saber's ideals, though I hope Kiritsugu dies in the process.
  15. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Oct 3, 2013
    Time for a mad dog blitz to catch up.

    Episode 14

    It was so badass that my nuts exploded and instantly regrew.
  16. HasseRovdjur

    HasseRovdjur Breast Claw

    Episode 20:

    Damn Iri, triggering death flags and enabling Kiritsugu. She really should stop doing that. The show has been in a slump, but it looks like the next episode is gonna deliver.
  17. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Oct 3, 2013
    Episode 15

    And I was "AW SHIT" because that moment was an "aw shit, shit's getting FUCKING REAL ALL UP IN THIS BITCH" moment. And then the OP started.

    And then I was "Oh shit" because shit got real again, or continued to get real because shit is getting fucking real as fucks because that girl just shot up the arm she just sliced off. The arm slicing was totally out of the stratosphere and there was no lead up to that and she loves Lancer, as if she's from the past or something aside from the fact that he is gorgeous and any woman swoons for him.

    Shit's still getting real, contracts are reborn, renewed, and this is the second time someone got an extra play in the game of grails. WOAH WOAH WOAH HOLY SHIT THIS GUY FUCKING DROPS FROM SHIT I DON'T EVEN FUCKING KNOW BECAUSE I LOOKED- FUCK THAT FUCKING COCKWAD FUCKING SHOT HIM THE SHITTING DICKFUCK. Shit, this is just... shit, this is constant awesome from the start of the season to now.

    He's in a wheelchair, you can still punch him Lancer.

    After that, badass fight that is so badass. Swing sat sword Saber :megusta:

    Contract to the end, I was in shock and awe. It cannot be overstated that I was unbelievably shocked at the cruelty Emiryu dished out on Wheelchair guy and his one-armed wife. That was just.... holy shit man, that was just simply astounding to the nth degree.

    This episode. If Fate/Zero was the buffet of awesome, Fate/Zero 2 is the main course of the god's lunch menu.
  18. Funkgun

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    Posted by Funkgun on Oct 3, 2013
    Never seen it!

    Bury an add
  19. HasseRovdjur

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    Episode 21:

    Silly Kiritsugu, torture never works unless it makes you realise that you've been had by a bigger douche, Kirei in this case.

    Kariya turned out to be an awful human being as well, killing Aoi in a scene with loads of sexual imagery because he is but a lowly beast that can't control himself. The whole scene just felt so goddamn silly and out of the damn left field that I could do nothing else but sigh.

    Kirei likes wine more now. Hope he becomes an alcoholic.
  20. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Oct 4, 2013
    Episode 16

    Magnificence. Pure magnificence.

    It was obvious that Tohsaka Elder was going to die after returning to his house to say goodbye to Rin because whenever people get sentimental or shit like that, they die. But even so, it was magnificent and Kotomi Kirei is a magnificent bastard, as much as I hate him.

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