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Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by TheFluff, Jan 7, 2006.

  1. TheFluff

    TheFluff New Member

    Posted by TheFluff on Jan 7, 2006
    Fate/stay night[sadhl=1020]fate-stay-night[/sadhl][sadhdc][/sadhdc]

    Most hyped 2006? Slow first ep - at this pace, it's definitely going to be 24-26 episodes. Discuss.
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  2. Aydan

    Aydan New Member

    Posted by Aydan on Jan 8, 2006
    I've heard it is based off a game by Typemoon, too bad I never played it.
    Other than that I know next to nothing about it.

    I have 0 expectations so I might enjoy it.

    Ep 01
    Ergh, so let me guess, the servant falls in love with her master and/or the master falls in love with his servant, one of them dies making the other go *cry,cry* *enter god mode*?
    I'm going to be so disappointed if it's another one of those anime...
    I also wonder if armor will be just for show or if it will actually protect the person that wears it.
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  3. Stain

    Stain Guest

    Posted by Stain on Jan 9, 2006
    Don't label it so quickly. This one isn't going to end up the same as Tsukihime as Type-Moon have control over it. And Fate/Stay Night's plot and story line is very complex, although I'm sure not all of it will make the anime, there'll be a great deal of underlying links back to the game that will unfortunaly be lost in the translation of groups who havent had the experince of playing it.
    Still, be interesting to see how many will end up doing it, and how many keep it up. I for one am going to enjoy this series thoroughly. :)
  4. Aydan

    Aydan New Member

    Posted by Aydan on Jan 10, 2006
    So am I correct to assume that a lot of the deeper/hidden meaning will be lost to someone like me that is not familiar with the intricacies and/or background of the game? Because for someone that hasn't played the game I will only be able to take this anime as it comes out, episode at a time. I can just hope that they won't take all too familiar paths that have been done to death in other anime.
  5. Stain

    Stain Guest

    Posted by Stain on Jan 10, 2006
    Well that all depends on how well a job they do in making it a anime.
    While I hope they don't take the easy way out, and chose the most linear plot possible, I don't expect they will.
    And if it is a 26 episode series, as the pacing of the first episode indicates, there should be plenty of time to bring out the juicy details.

    But one thing I'm chucking the sads over is the fact the anime isn't likely to have the h-scenes... cos *cough* they were "well drawn". >_>
  6. Aydan

    Aydan New Member

    Posted by Aydan on Jan 10, 2006
    yeah I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
  7. LadyArtemis

    LadyArtemis New Member

    Posted by LadyArtemis on Jan 10, 2006
    well... ep1 was rather confusing in many ways, at least for me. But definitely looks interesting
  8. Stain

    Stain Guest

    Posted by Stain on Jan 10, 2006
    Yeah they rushed a few things, and skipped over some less important bits, but it was still good for a intro to the characters. Episode 2 will have the start of the action, and Sabers appearance (though I bet it will be in the last 2min!)
  9. Destiny

    Destiny Guest

    Posted by Destiny on Jan 11, 2006
    Episode 1 was a good introduction IMO...Revealing little detail and having a slower pace as a build up to the action-packed one next episode. I would say...VERY interesting and promising...Let's see how this comes about...
  10. LadyArtemis

    LadyArtemis New Member

    way to go with the prediction

    Episode 2:
    I love how she shows up in the last 10 seconds.

    I like how they had Rin revive Emiya... it gives her a bit of a heart, and a bit more character depth.

    Liking the show so far, definitely my potential pick of the season (at least so far)
  11. Destiny

    Destiny Guest

    Posted by Destiny on Jan 16, 2006
    It does seem that she has a soft spot for him, somehow.:p But more importantly, episode 2 just left us at a cliffhanger again...One important question to those who did not touch the game at all would be that who is Lancer's master as well as the true identity of Archer. I'm definitely going to continue this series.
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  12. newleaf

    newleaf Guest

    Posted by newleaf on Jan 16, 2006
    I'm just gonna paste comments I've made elsewhere. I'm rather lazy, you see.

    The seiyuu choices for Rin and Tiger are going to take some getting used to. I keep hearing Yumi and Asa from them. Shirou was a pleasant surprise, though. I feared Sugiyama was going to go all melancholy with it (ala Sasuke), but he did it surprisingly well. Jury's still out on Saber's voice. I don't think Kawasumi is right for the role, but we'll see.

    Music-wise it's doing well. They decided to remix the game OP for some odd reason. If anyone is interested, the second game OP can be found here. I actually like the anime remix (Disillusion) more than the original (Illusion).

    Art and animation are top-notch. Though, two episodes isn't much to go on and it's possible the quality will drop. Let's hope not.

    If I had to guess from these first two episodes, I'd say that they're going to focus on the UBW scenario, which is great since Rin & Archer are my favourite pair. And if Kiritsugu's spiel on saving people is any indication, it looks like they'll go with the HF ending. All speculation, of course.
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  13. Destiny

    Destiny Guest

    Posted by Destiny on Jan 16, 2006
    Well, thanks very much for the information...But the acronyms you use are a little confusing, and I thought perhaps it would be better to put spoiler tags here and there for those who don't know what you are talking about...especially those who haven't even seen the game yet (like me.) Thanks. :)
  14. newleaf

    newleaf Guest

    Posted by newleaf on Jan 16, 2006
    UBW (Unlimited Blade Works) and HF (Heaven's Feel) are two of the three scenarios from the game. I didn't delve into any spoilers about either of them.

    It's purely speculation on my part, so I figured it wasn't necessary to spoiler tag it. There's no real way to tell which way they're going until a few more episodes have aired.

    Edit: I've spoiler tagged it for you. Seems unnecessary, though.
  15. Stain

    Stain Guest

    Posted by Stain on Jan 16, 2006
    I did notice the quality drop slightly in episode 2, Sakura's face at around 5:35 was a little distorted. And when Shirou was being thrown around by Lancer in the end, his movements were very unnatural, especially when he got knocked back into the shed at 20:25.
  16. kaz

    kaz New Member

    Posted by kaz on Jan 16, 2006
    if the plot continues to move at the pace it did in episode 2, this will be my pick of the season for new series.
  17. Destiny

    Destiny Guest

    Posted by Destiny on Jan 16, 2006
    Sorry I'm overbearing, considering I've hardly even heard of the game up till now, I thought those were spoilers. ^^'''

    Anyway, I hope they would at least explain a little more of this Grail War in the next episode...Confusion about the questions left from the two episodes should really be cleared before the anime gets under way.
  18. Mentar

    Mentar New Member

    Posted by Mentar on Jan 17, 2006
    Strange... I'd have thought that the casting for both Rin and Taiga were perfect. What kind of voice would you have preferred for Rin instead? What I like about it is that it's girly enough to underscore her "moe" side, yet determined and authoritative enough for her tsundere nature. This mix simply works, see also Eri in School Rumble.

    And Fuji-nee *lol* ... yes, it's Asa. But I love Asa to begin with, and her voice is very unusual. When she was chewing out Gotou-kun, I nearly spilled my coffee ^_^
  19. newleaf

    newleaf Guest

    Posted by newleaf on Jan 17, 2006
    There's nothing particularly wrong with either of them. In fact, they fit quite well. The problem is that I'm associating them with other characters. I'm still worried about Kawasumi as Saber. We'll see how that goes in the next episode.

    I noticed that Sakura bit myself. I think a couple of slip ups are to be expected, though. On the whole, the second episode was animated very well.
  20. Hero Killer Id

    Hero Killer Id New Member

    I watched the 1st 3 episodes and enjoyed it but I am still confused on alot of what was said in the 3rd episode and will probably rewatch it for some clarity. something about

    you dont have to kill the master to win but the master can keep resummining the spirit to keep fighting so technically you would have to kill the master anyway. and what is it that they can give away that makes them lose their master status.

    those were the most confusing aspects.
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