Da Capo II

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    Da Capo II

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    Not to be mistaken with Da Capo, or Da Capo Second Season, Da Capo II (which isn't listed in the database and I'm not sure how to go about getting it added) takes place 50+ years in the future of the events of the first season. The first thing I noticed is that the art quality is REALLY good and I'm curious how it will pan out since in the second episode, the main character has already picked a girlfriend...not how most harems tend to work, right?:love:
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  2. wolfangel87

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    Yeah, I was wondering that to when I first started to watch it! It seemed very weird to me!
  3. Calanduil

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    I have a question when it comes to Da Cap II.

    I just finished watching it and it was decent. Then I checked up on it on wikipedia and there was another kind of ending that confused me a bit.

    It says that Sakura Yoshino tried to correct the malfunctioning tree by going inside it but it didn't work. So Yoshiyuki Sakurai convinced Otome to choose to save the city instead of him and he disapears. Is this one of the game endings?.

    The link to wipipedia is here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/D.C._II_~Da_Capo_II~
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    Can you weatch this as a stand alone or do you have to watch Da Capo first?
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    I personally think that you can watch this as a stand alone, since it takes place 50 years after the first Da Capo series. If you plan on watching the first series, it ruins the ending (at least who the main character picks at least) for ya, since you're following the lives of their grandchildren. They reference the original series, and some of the characters even share some characteristics, for fanservice :love:
  6. Gakorak

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    Posted by Gakorak on Oct 7, 2009
    That isn't another ending, this discussion is about Da Capo II season one, you read Da Capo II season two.

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