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Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by dzine, Mar 19, 2007.

  1. dzine

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    Posted by dzine on Mar 19, 2007
    Busou Renkin[sadhl=1102]busou-renkin[/sadhl][sadhdc][/sadhdc]

    Has anyone watched any of it? It's airing it's last episodes now in Japan, ends 29th of March. (I believe..)

    :love: this anime.
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  2. Kazeumi

    Kazeumi New Member

    Yea i have been folowing this anime for a wile now, and i realy like it. To bad it only is 26 episodes. I only hope the ending dosent get stressed.
  3. vaiglor

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    Re: Busou Renkin *

    I really really liked this anime. I would not fear too much about the ending as I myself found the ending to be fantastic. This was just a highly entertaining show that had good action, characters, plot, a bit of romance, and it made me laugh quite a bit. One can't really ask for more then that. :smile:
  4. Xennon

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    Posted by Xennon on Mar 14, 2008
    Re: Busou Renkin *

    Yeah, I loved this anime, definitely one of my favorites. Not a single episodes I found boring or lame. Also, the ending was one of my favorites. However, I would not recommend this one to anyone who says "Dropped it on episode 4, was cliche."
  5. Solembum

    Solembum Member

    Pretty enjoyable. There weren't any pointless fillers and the battle scenes were all decent. The only annoying part was that the last 2 or 3 episodes didn't have very good transitions like the previous episodes, but its all wrapped up in the end.
  6. Zarakava

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    I'm going to resurrect this thread to see if anyone else is a fan. I'm just finishing up the Anime after reading the Manga, and I'd have to say that this is probably my favorite shonen show. It's just really fun to watch, papillon is brilliantly funny, and all that jazz.

  7. Thrawn


    Posted by Thrawn on Apr 6, 2011
    Re: Busou Renkin *

    That pretty much sums up my thoughts on it.

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