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Discussion in 'Specific Anime Discussion' started by Aydan, Apr 20, 2006.

  1. Aydan

    Aydan New Member

    Posted by Aydan on Apr 20, 2006
    Black Lagoon[sadhl=1005]black-lagoon[/sadhl][sadhdc][/sadhdc]

    What can I say this is a high quality action anime just the way I like them. This one gets perfect 10's all around. (ep 1 +2)

    Guns, booze, cigarettes, tattoos, an old WWII PT boat, mature men and women make for a great combination (and a lot of death). Yay for engrish OP song, I love it. Can't wait for them to release the DVD's so I can buy them.

    BTW ep 2:
    Is that product placement I see... in an anime!?

    some screenshots:
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  2. Kerghan

    Kerghan New Member

    Posted by Kerghan on May 2, 2006
    holy cow, now this is my kind of a show. nice script, realistic gun sounds, mercenaries, pirates, bulletproof bars. oh my i think im in love =D
  3. Hero Killer Id

    Hero Killer Id New Member

    I'm really digging this one of the few shows of this season that I'm gonna follow before it finishes.

    I loved the 2nd episode climax good times.
  4. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Active Member

    Posted by VivisQueen on Nov 26, 2006
    Episode 19 (how come people stopped posting in here?!)

    Ten seconds into the episode and already someone is chainsawing a corpse. Pure genius. Something struck me about what Revy said at the beginning of this episode. She's in Japan and she talks back to the Japanese and they call her 'gaijin' (presumably derogatory).

    It hit me then - the harsh criminal world she lives in is gender-wise closer to the egalitarian ideal than the 'law-abiding' world. Sweet irony. No wonder Rock wanted to leave.

    EDIT: Oh God, the awful English...
  5. Uriel

    Uriel Active Member

    Posted by Uriel on Nov 26, 2006
    I dont post herebeacuse i stopped watching BL after that dock fight ep- it was too childish for me, i was expecting some semi-realistic anime and it turned out to be fantasy :]
  6. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Active Member

    Posted by VivisQueen on Nov 26, 2006
    Well, you're missing out. I'm thinking those 'fantasy' episodes are like filler. They help add some comedy and escapism to what would otherwise be quite depressing. I don't think anybody could sit through 26 episodes of grit, grit, grit, grit, grit and not find it all a bit tedious.

    Episoe 19 is a character development episode, and apart from the shittily-spoken English, thoroughly enjoyable. Violence, language, dialogue, movement, all very realistic, down-to-earth, subtle feel. Although like I said, comic/tragic moments like the
    really help. Balalaika is amazing. I absolutely adore her. She pushes some boundaries because she's the only female character I can remember who was powerful, respected, but didn't have to wear a skimpy outfit, and was nowhere near attractive... nor do they draw attention to her boobs or anything. Yet she's one of the gripping personalities.

    I think Revy and Rock have some of the most amazing interaction I've ever seen in anything as well (well... okay, maybe comparable to L and Light in Death Note). That feeding off each other to enhance each other's appeal thing. *goes into girly mode* I wonder if they'll be a couple or if they'll just be friends.
  7. Skelma

    Skelma New Member

    Posted by Skelma on Nov 26, 2006
    Realistic gun sounds? revys guns sound like tinkerbells!
  8. sevencreature

    sevencreature New Member

    Exactly my case - but maybe I'll check out the rest sometimes.

    Vivi's Queen: Yup, Balalaika is/was my favorite character from BL too :love:
  9. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Active Member

    Posted by VivisQueen on Nov 29, 2006
    Episode 20 - it's going good, same arc, but the story has slowed considerably in favour of characterisation. That's not bad, we get to see the dark side to Balalaika, and Revy/Rock relationship is being woven out very well too.

    I hope episode 21 gets back to churning plot out, though.

    Loved the part where Revy cannot protect Rock since the guy laying into him is holding his gun in his pocket. The way her eye twitches... she obviously doesn't deal well with powerlessness. Quite a poignant moment, I thought.
  10. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Active Member

    Posted by VivisQueen on Dec 5, 2006
    I'm very angry with this series at the moment. How could you stretch like an hour of stuff happening over three episodes? Between eps 19 and 21 nothing much happens, and I'm incredibly annoyed that they didn't work much on characterisation either. Ep 21 is more of a transition episode.

    It's kinda pissing me off. They stopped it JUST at the point when the build-up was getting good, and it rendered this entire episode irritating.

  11. Macabre

    Macabre New Member

    Posted by Macabre on Dec 5, 2006
    A lot happened in episodes 19 to 21. Of course not action scene wise.

    They did a considerable amount of characterisation and development of older characters, who are in the latest arc. They also had to introduced and went into depth for the new ones for this arc. The story, which I could analysis and type out would probally be wasted upon you.

    They also carefully constructed the stage for the upcoming gun battles so that they are not just meaningless.

    Obviously you don't care about these angles, that I think make the series so good. I am sorry, but I have said it before, if they did not put time into the things you find boring, this series would be crap and the classic cookie cutter lame action series.

    It has not been an hour stretched over 3 episodes, it has been several days stretched over 3 episodes.
  12. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Active Member

    Posted by VivisQueen on Dec 6, 2006
    Okay, you wanker. Had you read my past few posts, you'd know I'm as big a fan as you. I'm the first to be in favour of characterisation-over-action, but frankly, there wasn't much of it in episode 21. I was happy with everything up till now, but episode 21 was a downer. From the opening, I presumed it'd go into more depth with Balalaika. Then it moved onto that young girl, and then it moved onto Rock/Revy. It didn't FOCUS on anyone in particular for long enough to say anything NEW. THE CHARACTERISATION was not effective and the PACE of the episode was FLAT/EVEN/MONOTONOUS. It was a transition episode, an episode used to ROUND UP characterisation, a summary, an episode that is the end of the character development arc but without giving us a sufficiently satisfying climax to the characterisation. Do you understand what I'm saying?

    Seriously, you literally leap from trying to critique my criticism to personally insulting my intelligence in the space of a few sentences. I think the only thing I got wrong was the timespan, and that was because I wasn't sure of the exact time so I went with exageration to make my point.

    I hold a different opinion to you. Like it or fuck off.

    EDIT: Hmmmm. I see where my previous post wasn't so clear. I liked episode 19 and 20 (as shown by my previous posts) but disliked episode 21 (and think it detracted a little from the previous two). My criticism is of episode 21. Still didn't warrant your tone, though.

    PS. To anyone who cares, I'm also interested in how this will affect the opening for the 22nd episode. Can you start an episode with so much bang-bang (which they obviously must deliver based on the build-up of this one) and continue it throughout without tiring the audience? Without tiring yourself as the creator? Without losing hold of the story for 25 minutes? Or will they switch to more characterisation (e.g. of Balalaika) before showing Revy/Rock's inevitable battle?
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  13. Macabre

    Macabre New Member

    Posted by Macabre on Dec 7, 2006
    I take and took into consideration most of your posting habits and what I see as your preferences. So my tone of my post is how I have reacted to your posting, mostly from other threads.

    You also managed to reinforce my opinion of most of the regular posters here.

    btw: episode 21 reuses used the themes that seem to be the main recurring theme in the 2nd season. There was a slight shift from the first season; however, it was brought back by Rock's return home.

    For this arc, it choose to show us the young girl's story. Episode 21 will be most critical for remander of the arc. As it will be interesting to see how she reacts from the situation. As this episode 21 was the episode we saw her decision, which is most important. Also, her protector will act based upon her wishes. As episode 21, solidified his credentials as a genuine badass.

    as for your question of how episode 22 will open, it will probally be a flashback. Most likely for the japanese sword guy (name escapes me now).
  14. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Active Member

    Posted by VivisQueen on Dec 8, 2006
    Okay, I have no idea what you mean by taking my preferences into consideration. Frankly, it all sounds a bit disturbing to me, so I'll ignore it. And your predictions lack some sentence structure, but I got your point, and still disagree e.g. so the girl makes a decision - who cares? It's hardly a highlight, more of a footnote. A decision takes two seconds to make, no need to drag it out over an entire episode. Have her make a decision and then get the hell on with telling the story.

    I sincerely hope episode 22 is not a flashback... but maybe you've read the manga and are going by that (... there... is a manga, right?) Anyway, flashback is my idea of a worst nightmare when all I want is for the damned PLOT to come back.
  15. Macabre

    Macabre New Member

    Posted by Macabre on Dec 8, 2006
    Yes there is a manga, no I have not read it.

    Could you define plot please.

    Dunno, it might be more disturbing that you post enough for me to take note of you. From a fangirl thread for Revi, to you think realist are morons, to your views from shitlist anime thread.

    fyi: I never performed well in my English classes.
  16. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Active Member

    Posted by VivisQueen on Dec 9, 2006
    There are a few definitions of plot, but the one I mean is: 'plan or interrelationship of main events of a tale, play, etc' (Oxford English Dictionary).

    It means the progression of the story. A series of scenes, making the beginning, middle and end... that's plot. So if I asked you 'What's the plot of Black Lagoon?' you'd reply 'It's about a man called Rock who accidentally finds himself part of a group of pirates and tries to adjust to their way of life.' Or something like that.

    You could have checked up the word yourself in any dictionary or at

    Stuff like characterisation, flashbacks, exposition (description) etc, they interfere with the plot. They stop plot happening by focusing on something that's not got to do with the main series of events. It doesn't mean characterisation etc are bad, it just means they better be vital to the plot, and done well, or else viewers/readers lose interest. Like who likes to read a good story and then find the author suddenly going off on a tangent to describe a cathedral for an entire chapter (The Hunchback of Notre Dame). Lol. Awesome book, but modern day writers would be asked to cut that damned stuff quick.

    ANYWAY, characterisation via flashbacks and atmospheric chats (what's been happening in Black Lagoon) is interference with plot. The best way is to characterise your characters WHILST they are getting on with their normal events in the story. So the author does not go 'This character is mean' or in the case of anime, you don't get a character sitting with another character and talking about how they think they are mean. Instead, you have the character ACT in a way that's mean e.g. killing little children, and the reader/viewer finds out that way. It's hard to do in many cases e.g. how do you have a character act in a way that says 'my dad abused me as a kid and that's why I've become a psychopath'?

    Black Lagoon, for the past three episodes, has been doing a lot of flashbacking, chatting, philosophising, foreshadowing etc. Fine, but God, not when you're going to waste the third episode of this characterisation period wrapping things up. And if they start episode 22 with a flashback about this katana guy (like you're predicting), I'll rip my hair out. He's the least important person around right now. Get back to Revy and Rock or Balalaika!
  17. Macabre

    Macabre New Member

    Posted by Macabre on Dec 9, 2006
    I see...

    I have no more reason to engage in this thread, and will do my utmost to avoid any other threads you post in.
  18. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Active Member

    Posted by VivisQueen on Dec 10, 2006
    Episode 22:
    Totally adored the confrontation between Yukio and Rock in the locker room. It was tense and full of insights into Rock's psychology. That theme of light and dark was brought off very well. When I rewatch these episode I'll see if there are other subliminal cues I missed the first time around to do with light/dark.

    Overall, a very good episode. Revy was at her best...
    I laughed when she spooked the gang into running, thus making themselves easier targets... hah!
    That katana guy was good too, if a tad predictable.
    That blond guy's death was gorgeously done, though. Morbid humiliation is definitely two thumbs up.

    Anyway, my faith is restored, but plot is still crawling. I think I'm at this stage where I just want to know how it's going to end. I just want it to be over, in the sense that I want fully-realised personalities and some concrete answers. It's odd that before, arcs spanned about one or two episodes (three at most). And, presuming it's taking us right to the end, this current arc will be 8 or 9 episodes long or something. *shrug*

    Anyway, yes, just more of the same so far.
  19. Aydan

    Aydan New Member

    Posted by Aydan on Dec 10, 2006
    Man ep 22 already.
    sigh... I really should make some time to watch one of my favorite shows.
  20. VivisQueen

    VivisQueen Active Member

    Posted by VivisQueen on Dec 10, 2006
    Lol. What's keeping you?

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