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  1. Cleyra

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    Posted by Cleyra on May 16, 2007
    [sadht=Kenpuu Denki Berserk]Berserk[/sadht][sadhl=61]berserk[/sadhl][sadhdc][/sadhdc]

    A loooong time ago i got this anime and never got around to finishing it, watched around 5 episodes but stoped for some reason, just never really caught me for some reason, anywho i couldn't sleep last night (it's 12am here now) and ended up watching the entire thing at once.

    And wow... it really was great, i can see what all the fanboying is all about, great characters and storyline, really truly liked it... but... god damn!

    /rant start!

    The ending! ... why oh why did they end it like that, not going to say what happened even with the spoiler tags but what the hell... they cant do this to meeee. /cry

    I have a severe feeling they just ended the anime like that and the manga goes on, just feels wrong... now if you will exscuse me... i'm going to go and cry in a corner.
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  2. Lord_Vegita

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    Posted by Lord_Vegita on May 16, 2007
    Re: Berserk (may contain some spoiler-ish things)

    i can a test to the manga's greatness. i have read all the way through vol 33 and it is AWESOME. the story hadn't even picked up when they ended the anime :(. later on Guts get this Dwarven Berserker armor that is just plain insane!!!!

    a total must read for fans of horror/death/gore type series. this is a truly twisted series ^^_, and i love it.
  3. Kastrophee

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    Posted by Kastrophee on May 16, 2007
    Re: Berserk (may contain some spoiler-ish things)

    How can you say the ending is bad, it was the best ending ever, everything that can go wrong did and it was a ultimate tragedy.
    At the very end while Guts sword was broken on that demon and his arm trapped in its mouth while Griffth was raping causca (sp) then he just starts jabbing his sword into his arm till he severs it, god that was almost too much...
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  4. sevencreature

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    Re: Berserk (may contain some spoiler-ish things)

    Read the manga. Do not watch that crappy anime.

    Black Horse is doing GREAT job. And choosing to watch anime instead of manga in case of Berserk is almost a CRIME.

    Till Volume 17 now, but progressing fine.

    $14 per volume is awesome price :love:
  5. turbobenx

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    Posted by turbobenx on May 28, 2007
    Re: Berserk (may contain some spoiler-ish things)

    yea i read the manga too and i read all the way up to the newest one. However, i have some question to see if u could answer or anybody else because im kinda confuse.

    As u kno, caska has a baby. But the manga confused me. Im just wondering whos' baby is it with, Gutts or Griffiths. But currently, i think that it's gutts', however, since griffith rape her, the baby became a monster. DUnno if that's rite or wrong. Anyone can save me from the confused state, i'm really grateful. Thx
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  6. OgtheSamurai

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    Re: Berserk (may contain some spoiler-ish things)

    This is one of my fav series ever. I loved the art style, the atmosphere.. the story. The ending music is perfect too heh. Great characters too. A lot of the time I have to fight off feeling disappointed when a series I like ends. Even when its a great ending. Enjoying the material world and its pleasures is like that in general. They say indulgence and attachment lead to suffering.. I figure one just has to know their way around. Enjoy it until its done and let it go and enjoy something new :)
  7. PockyBebop

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    Posted by PockyBebop on Sep 1, 2007
    I've noticed that on almost every profile I look at, the anime Berserk is listed as one of the top 5 anime. It's more popular than I thought on this site, and currently viewing the anime, I can see why!
  8. Reawen

    Reawen New Member

    Posted by Reawen on Sep 1, 2007
    Re: Berserk's popularity on Anime-Planet

    Haha, this thread is now a funny collection of all the people who have no seen an anime....
    Well, I have seen a whole 1 episode at this point :banana: Then I put it on pause... because I hadn't really planned on starting it yet, I just got temporary stalled out on something else, so I filled the time with that one ep. :p
  9. Re: Berserk's popularity on Anime-Planet

    The show isn't nearly as good as the manga is, but hbi2k does have a great abridged series on youtube that is hilarious.
  10. Roxas

    Roxas New Member

    Posted by Roxas on Sep 1, 2007
    Re: Berserk's popularity on Anime-Planet

    Berserk seems to be pretty popular among American anime fans in general. It was pretty much a dud in Japan, which is most likely why it didn't receive a continuation.
  11. ingrey

    ingrey New Member

    Posted by ingrey on Sep 2, 2007
    Re: Berserk's popularity on Anime-Planet

    I enjoy power up anime with good stories. Berserk had a somewhat engaging story line, even if it could have been done a lot better. Claymore is a far superior piece of work imo, especially considering the fact Berserk has the worst ending ever.

    I imagine there are some americans out there that would not enjoy berserk the anime if they had already read the berserk manga. Personally though, I don't like mangas at all; so I prefer the anime to the manga, despite having not read it.
  12. ingrey

    ingrey New Member

    Posted by ingrey on Sep 2, 2007
    Re: Berserk's popularity on Anime-Planet

    To be precise, while I don't know that I would enjoy the anime more than the manga, because I have not read the manga, I would say I'm justified in believing that I would enjoy the anime more than the manga. Why? Well, I've read a few manga in the past and reading them revealed that I prefer prose to still pictures. The experience, for me, is less satisfying than reading a regular novel or watching an animated work. So, while I haven't read the berserk manga, I know it has certain properties that belong to all manga. The key property in question here being still pictures as opposed to more prose (A for short). Therefore, since I got a decent amount of satisfaction and enjoyment out of watching the Berserk anime, its very probable that I would not get as much from reading the manga, because it has property A instead of additional prose.
  13. shortlex

    shortlex New Member

    Posted by shortlex on Sep 2, 2007
    Re: Berserk's popularity on Anime-Planet

    it all depends on preferences, some people like watching anime more than the manga, other have to read the manga because there's no anime adaption to it or that the anime adaption hasn't adapted the episodes for it. eg. Claymore. or Ah my goddess..

    In this modern world. some people are too lazy to read manga, or they just don't have access to it. :p
  14. Re: Berserk's popularity on Anime-Planet

    You should still try the manga IMO, I don't think it's even comparable with the anime. Not only that, the manga is still running, and the anime is only a tiny fraction of the manga.
  15. Kastrophee

    Kastrophee New Member

    Posted by Kastrophee on Sep 2, 2007
    Re: Berserk's popularity on Anime-Planet

    I loved the series from start to finish (and I loved the end, I thought it was perfect (Besides the fact it never really ends). I have only read one volume of the manga, I plan to read more, but it is expensive and I am lazy...
  16. Wolfco

    Wolfco Moderator

    Posted by Wolfco on Sep 2, 2007
    Re: Berserk's popularity on Anime-Planet

    I think on the whole that Berserk might be more popular in the "West" than in the "East" merely because we could generally be more vulnerable to train-wreck syndrome than certain other populations. American's do seem to have a marked interest in the macabre. Is rubber-necking a major traffic complaint in other places?
  17. sevencreature

    sevencreature New Member

    Re: Berserk's popularity on Anime-Planet

    I don't think THIS is the reason. Using my common sense I would be more inclined to think that the reason why Kenpuu Denki Berserk is not so popular, while Berserk is INSANELY popular is that Kenpu Denki Berserk is subpar. Or crap. Or not good.

    I don't think there is some "hidden" reason behind it.

    ingrey: Hmm, you read them whole? Hmmm... Well, only advice I can give you is to try to read Berserk in that case... Or to forget about it.
  18. Tetra

    Tetra New Member

    Posted by Tetra on Sep 3, 2007
    Re: Berserk's popularity on Anime-Planet

    Uhm I would say that the average american is alot less interested in that "train wreck syndrome" than almost any other population. They sometimes have different endings on movies for the american and the european markets, like the Big Blue, since the american test public do not want a tragic ending.
    In the european verision he swims down and down... in the american verision he comes up again.
  19. asucrews

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    Posted by asucrews on Sep 3, 2007
    Re: Berserk's popularity on Anime-Planet

    um,berserk is hit and miss with alot of America, i know alot of America anime people that can't stand the series. manga is better the the anime, alot of manga is better. yes the ending of berserk is bad, one of the wost becuse the left it sooo open for a 2nd season. why it is more popular in america the the east. i really i no idea, i think it just applies more to america, i don't really think it has to due with "rubber-necking" but i could be worng.

    the reason i like it is simple because of the setting, i really like middle ages styles settings. the whole knighthood, living by the sword dieing by the sword, it something i enjoy, i like most anime that do that stetting. well there are a we that done it bad but hey there always going to be a bad egg.

    but that just my two cnets, and side note, that way i enjoy the SCA, but hey that a different story for another story time.
  20. Elminster

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    Posted by Elminster on Apr 9, 2008
    Ok so, I got this now, but its dual audio. Was wondering if I should watch the dub or the sub?

    edit - Meh I watched part of the 2nd ep (skipping first ep on multiple suggestions) in the dub, and then re-watched in subs. So far the original voice actors seem better quality as pre-usual. Still would like to hear some suggestions though.
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