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  1. Aoi Hana
    Alt title: Sweet Blue Flowers

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    Well since there's a few watching this one u.u

    The first episode:

    Opening and ending: both extremely cheesy, in my opinion.

    I've read the manga up to volume 4, chapter 24 and it seems like they've coloured it. Even though they have done it in nice pastel soft shades.
    What I really didnt like were the voices (but that's the japanese way) since I wasnt expecting Fumi to have such a girly, timid voice (even though she is a cry baby). Speaking of which, the cast is pretty much new on the field (seems like the first work for Ai Takabe) but we'll also have Fuyuka Oura, Mamiko Noto and Nakahara Mai.

    It's another all-girl school yuri corny thingy. But, we'll see.
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  2. Najaraja

    Najaraja New Member

    Believe it or not, I have not read any of the manga. I really liked the first episode of this. Very cute so far and I like the artwork. Ah-chan is completely cute. I liked her right off the bat. I like the sort of role-reversal thing. The tall, stately looking girl is the timid, girly, cry-baby and the small cute girl is the "care-giver". It isn't anything fabulously new, but it is cute all the same. I am going to love it, I can tell already.
  3. Fireaxe

    Fireaxe New Member

    Posted by Fireaxe on Jul 4, 2009
    I also read the manga and I had the same EXACT reaction about Fumi's voice. Though in retrospect, such a timid voice does fit her personality, but it's certainly nothing like what I had in mind (i was expecting something like a shy and more tomboyish voice i guess). Loved the first episode, the animation was just like I hoped it would be, barely a coloured version of drawing taken straight from the manga. The artwork from the manga used in the ED sequence was quite a nice touch, it gives me hope that the anime might be just as good as the original.

    Oh and Najaraja, read it, you'll totally love it.
  4. Fireaxe, that's general opinion about Fumi's voice..from what I've read u.u What you say is right: that sort of voice does fit her personality, somehow. Nevertheless, didnt see it coming.
  5. Hyperbole1729

    Hyperbole1729 New Member

    Well looks like I'm the odd one then. I imagined that sort of voice for Fumi when reading the manga. Well to be precise I imagined Mamiko Noto's voice :P
  6. Hyperbole, I was wondering when would you join us ;D
    Oh, Mamiko Noto will give voice to Shinako Sugimoto. Speaking of the manga, I really thought that we would see
    Ah-chan's mother kicking her brother out of her futon in the first scene xD It was a great way to start the manga, in my opinion. Glad to see they havent diminished him as the super protective kinda stalker brother
  7. ThePatches

    ThePatches Member

    I'm fairly sure that I'd never read this manga, because I'd blow through it too quickly to really get good sense for the pacing and the stellar artwork, but MAN! If Episode 2 is a better indication of the rest of the season, I am HOOKED.

    On a side note, Mr. Slowpoke here finally recognized Mogi-chan's seiyuu. Wheeee! (For those of you who don't know, instead of going to AniDB, play her self-introduction in episode 2 on loop until you get it and then facepalm).
  8. ThePatches

    ThePatches Member


    Episode 3 was not as good as the opening two, but I am intrigued by the possibility that everyone in this show might be sick and twisted underneath. Having not read the manga, I can hold onto the hope that everything will go horribly and deliciously wrong. :smile:
  9. Quizap

    Quizap Active Member

    Posted by Quizap on Jul 22, 2009
    I'll give this one more week. This kind of show definitely isn't my cup of tea, I, in fact, wanted to gag a few times because of how... how should I put this.. I can't come up with anything :laugh:

    I have patience, more patience then I should but this is just meh... like I said, not my cup of tea.
  10. ThePatches

    ThePatches Member

    I can totally understand that. I think the complications introduced this week have me sufficiently curious, and the artwork is... pleasant. But in the strongest sense of the word. The watercolor backgrounds are very beautiful and the character designs are so understated. It's quite relaxing, really.

    HOWEVER, I certainly hope Achan gets some more agency. She's all genki, but has no real effect on the plot at the moment.
  11. isaacphantom

    isaacphantom New Member

    blehhhh...i really dont know. I like Yuri as much as the nex tguy but the intro alone threw me off completely. :@_@:

    im sorry for those who actually like it, but im not watching this one. Its just not for me.
  12. I think she will be more dominant later in the story..I still havent watched further than the 1st episode (hope to catch up this week) but I think I know what you guys are talking about. If it is just like the manga
    Ah-chan is more like Fumi's confident but feels like she doesnt actually does anything at first
    ...We'll see how things turn.
    How many episodes will the series have?
  13. Fireaxe

    Fireaxe New Member

    Seems like the series will be 11 episodes long, but I'm expecting them to announce a second season before the end.
  14. only 11? hmm now I'm curious to see what's going to happen >.<'
  15. sothis

    sothis Overlord Staff Member

  16. Episodes 2 and 3:

    As I expressed on currently watching: Fumi's constant crying is getting in my nerves so bad that I want to punch the computer =| That aside, I've liked the episodes. Really have to go back on the manga because
    I couldnt remember that double date where Achan brother stalked her and, oh my god, she ended up crying.

    Achan's mother is the greatness =D
  17. ThePatches

    ThePatches Member

    Woooo Achan! Now, I'm starting to like her.

    I am concerned, however, about the length of the series. I can't quite figure out the shape of the narrative, yet and that alarms me. If there are really only six more episodes I want to know where the conflict is going to come from. Either the series is going to change dramatically in the second half with jarring effect, or it's going to waft to conclusion in an unsatisfying manner.

  18. ThePatches

    ThePatches Member

    I am the only one here. >_>, <_<, >_<

    Episode 7
    Was WAAAAY better than expected. I love Achan so much and this episode was heavy on her. If I could make an anime starring Achan and Aoi Nagisa from Strawberry Panic!... It... It might be in my Top 5.

    That said, the coming out scene and its fallout were totally awesome. I still wish Fumi would die in a fire (along with Himeko and Hikari), but she was perfectly positioned for getting railroaded into the outing scene. And the rejection at the end? Classic.

    I remain ambivalent about shows that build to climaxes like this one in a slow manner. Nodame Cantabile? Yes. Aoi Hana? Jury's out.
  19. wanryavka

    wanryavka Member

    ep 7
    The bitch invites her over then dumps her in her own room? wow.
  20. Mjolnir

    Mjolnir New Member

    ^ For some reason during Ep. 5-6 or so I had a feeling something like this would happen.


    I really love the art, and the story is actually a lot better than I had imagined (I imagined the typical Shoujo-Ai formula). I loved Fumi's character from the start.

    However, the series length is really bothering me. I'm hoping they have a second season going afterward because we only have two more episodes left (Ep. 9 should be out by now, right?). Unless they make it so that you need to read the manga to find out what happens to the characters (even though though that tactic is bothersome, and usually it leaves a "Well that was sloppy" feeling)

    I'm already on episode 8 and I'm still noticing a lack of huge conflicts.

    Unless they're considering the Yasuko/Fumi breakup a conflict, but even then it seems that Fumi comes out of the situation remarkably unfazed, even though she's a bit depressed for a while she actually gets over it quickly. The only development in the series that I've recognized is how Fumi eventually starts to get stronger rather than hiding in herself and crying a lot. Regardless, Yasuko is still one of my favorites even though her role is short lived.

    And, even though she being pretty selfish I loved the part where

    Yasuko totally shot down Ikumi (how many times is this already? This has to be the third time, right?). I really tried liking Ikumi's character, but she started raking on my nerves during the Wuthering Heights episodes.

    So, speaking of the manga...I'm finally vol 4.
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