Any developers out there interested in donating your time?

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by sothis, Apr 12, 2013.

  1. sothis

    sothis Overlord Staff Member

    Posted by sothis on Apr 12, 2013
    Over the years a lot of you have generously offered to write code for the site - since we don't have a public API and some other internal hassles about opening up the codebase to community members, this hasn't been possible.

    I'm also just one person, and would like to be able to work with you guys to get features up quicker. There's plenty of things that I'd like to add to AP that could be coded without core repository access (as they are modular, or could be class-based and then I could update it to work with our DB, etc). Also, sometimes I'm looking to figure out the best way to build things and things would be really sped up to have a group of volunteers that could brainstorm together on what's the best solution. (for example, I've wasted weeks on facebook opengraph integration because of a few irritating issues - if someone on AP is skilled with that stuff, I could have chatted with you and gotten this launched awhile ago)

    I'm going to have a github account set up with private repositories and figure I could piggyback on that and set up a project for this group of volunteers - it would be private because it would be AP code, if eventually there's a public API I'd make a public repository.

    If you're one of those kind developers who had been interested in helping out, please let me know here (and what things you're especially skilled at) as I'm looking to gauge interest in the project. :) I'd like to find people skilled in various areas (not necessarily all areas for one person), such as object-oriented PHP, postgresql, facebook/other API integrations, mobile stuff, etc. Since this will be put on AP and given our already prevalent server woes I'm looking for folks who are very skilled at writing optimized, badass code.

    You'd get a 'volunteer developer' type of badge (once I create it) and my eternal gratitude! Plus shoutouts when stuff launches :)

    Thanks as always for your support of AP, I'm hoping by taking code/development 'donations' we'll get a lot of stuff up frequently and quickly :D
  2. skladfin

    skladfin New Member

    Hi, I'm quite interested. Not sure if my skills are up on par(sort of still just a beginner in PHP, jquery, and java...) though...

    However, I do work professionally as a game designer so I'll definitely try my best to churn out good code haha. I worked as a producer and user experience designer for EA on the FIFA website:, and currently game designer on a good title in japan.
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  3. Habhome

    Habhome New Member

    I'm no expert in any single thing development wise, but I've at least touched on a lot of what you ask for and would gladly help out where I can. I'll soon have a bachelor's in Computer Science, during which I've worked some with mobile applications and web development. My thesis will include a web+mobile app project which will be used by painting companies all over Sweden, if they like it that is =P. I haven't used overly much object-oriented PHP in my projects, but I am very interested in learning more of this.
    I have a bit of experience of working with adding features to an existing object-oriented PHP code base though, I had to do that during an Anime convention where they needed stuff added to their check-in system, but the guy who made the system was bedridden with the flu xD It wasn't super major stuff though, but still.
    As for optimized code, I've had some courses involving such things but I've never really stress tested the code I produce in "every day coding" so to speak.
    Anyway, I've flagged my interest, if you want to know anything more before making a decision if I'm useful you know where to find me. ;D
  4. emed795

    emed795 New Member

    I'd also be interested in helping out. Got to get my AP app somehow even if I need to help write it :)

    I'm primarily a C# dev with an emphasis on client side XAML development on Windows 8 and Windows Phone. On the backend I've worked with MVC 4 and Web API. I've also done some Sys Admin work standing up and deploying VMs in both Azure IaaS and Amazon EC2 for what it's worth.

    You pretty much get to do a bit of everything when you work at a startup :p
  5. Dreador

    Dreador Active Member

    woo Hi5! I work with C# too XD I also do a bit of everything :P Officially I'm a Software Developer but I also work as a System Administrator, Database Administrator and 2nd line IT Support too. I think I need a pay rise :@_@: We also didn't like Windows 8 and Server 2012 so were sticking windows 7 and server 2008 R2. Were also going Android rather than windows phone when I get round to it. We use VMware for our virtual environment but as we have a Microsoft agreement were looking at HyperV to save money.

    Unfortunately it probably means I'm not going to be much help working on PHP. I've been meaning to learning it as I have two PHP sites to maintain and eventually develop but I've just been neglecting them for other projects. Although I guess it could give me the push to actually learn it, probably wouldn't take too long as with all other languages I've picked up.

    What I can offer is my knowledge which will be cross platform so HTML 5, CSS3, SQL queries, Javascript + JQuery, AJAX, SEO, yslow + page speed ranks (although I know more about IIS optimization for these mainly). I have used github and git and i'm getting back into it but I'm not amazing with all the branching side of it.

    Anyway you already know me as a character mod so you know where you can find me Sothis :balloon:
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  6. Number12

    Number12 Guest

    Interesting. Cant wait for this. I was thinking of making an unoffical iphone app a while back and would I be able to use this to help link via you know what.
  7. xesxen

    xesxen Handyman

    Posted by xesxen on Apr 14, 2013
    Seems interesting. I program in OOPHP, so this seems interesting. However, I don't know a thing about the Facebook API (might be simple, but if you say that that isn't the case... :nervous:)

    I'ld like to help if I can. Lately I've got too much spare time, so if there's something I can do...
  8. Cetonis

    Cetonis Moderator

    I've spent the past almost-a-year doing mobile web work in C# MVC. I haven't typically been very good about bearing down and motivating myself to work on code things in my spare time, but if you're looking to do mobile stuff I might be able to be of some help for tips/consultation or such if nothing else.
  9. xsteviex

    xsteviex New Member

    I'd love to help out in any way possible. I have written a few applications using Object Oriented PHP, however for the last few years, my entire workload has been comprised of .NET projects, primarily using C#. I can help with both front-end and back-end web development, and may be useful in database design implementations. However, it's hard to tell whether I'm good at database design or whether the people I work with are awful at implementing databases.

    However, word of caution, my front-end development abilities don't include design. I'm colorblind, and sometimes my color choices seem to freak people out.
  10. Nicknames

    Nicknames Moderator Staff Member

    I'd like to help too. I've worked with Object Oriented PHP, HTML+CSS (though I'm not good at designing) and Jquery+AJAX for the last 6 months. Sadly I've only used MySQL databases so I can't be of much help with PostgreSQL, and I've never done any Facebook API nor any mobile API.

    I also know how to program in Java and Visual Basic, in case you find it necessary.
  11. Fasang

    Fasang New Member


    I'm interested in helping out.

    My day-job is projectmanager/php developer.
    I have 6 year exp. in php development and front-end development.
    The last 8 months, I've been conceptualizing, setting up frameworks and implementing adaptive design websites. ( Using several responsive design technologies, and server side scripting including images handling with imagick and the use of icon-fonts ).
    Speed optimisation is one of the thing I love to thinker with, new-relic is a real life saver for that matter. (server side)
    I'm skilled with git.

    I love design, and I have a keen eye for user interface design, but I'm not a designer at any lengths. I have a brought knowledge of seo, sea and e-commerce marketing but chose not to be consulted about this in my spare time.
    I don't have a clue about social media integration.

    With kind regards,

    Edit: as it seems you use mongo for at least the feed widget, it might be worth mentioning that i've been using that for a while to.
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  12. robotman321

    robotman321 New Member

    I can't say I have much time, but over at AnimeFTW, I designed our RESTful API that has seen over 6 million access hits in the year and a half we have had it online. So just hit me up if you need any help deciding the route to go ;)
  13. Ravenx

    Ravenx Member

    I've written thousands of lines of code in HTML/CSS and I'm learning C++/MooTools right now (also dabbled in PHP). Though as I hold a full-time job and I have to study a few branches of math, I can't really be involved. I also would not work on anyone's site of this size without having my own up and a portfolio (which I need to get to).

    Hope this all goes well though. If once I get my site up and I feel I want to be involved, I'll contact you.
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  14. sothis

    sothis Overlord Staff Member

    Just wanted to bump this to say if there's any CSS badasses out there who're familiar with implementing CSS frameworks (and in general, are just a super guru at CSS in general) and are interested in volunteering your time, I'd love to chat with you asap :) (redesign-related!)
  15. Habhome

    Habhome New Member

    Sorry, CSS is one of my weaker points in web dev, I got another person in my office doing CSS. I take care of the PHP =P
    Hopefully once I get more experience in the field with our project I can pitch in.
    If you ever need testing or so though you know where to find me ;D
  16. unknownerd

    unknownerd Guest

    Hey Sothis,
    I'd love to help and spend some time coding for AP. In my eyes it's (almost) the best and by far my most favorite anime-series tracker website. I'm mainly into android app development but since a few months i've also been busy working with node.js/angularjs/phonegap which works quite nice too. (bit of a hassle to set up, but if you code it correctly you get apps for all the main mobile platforms). Also, ArdentSword already contacted you a while ago about the idea of an AP-app. I'm the one working together with him. I hope i can help!

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