partners with Viki to provide global anime video integration

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    Posted by sothis on Apr 10, 2014
    We have a new, exciting announcement to share!

    After recently launching full Crunchyroll integration and Hulu integration, we're excited to announce our next big partnership with Viki, a global TV site that features crowd sourced subtitles for anime and Korean drama in dozens of languages! Viki videos are available in many countries, not just the USA, so our worldwide users will be able to enjoy this release as well.

    First up, check out our official press release:


    — Anime-Planet, the world’s first and most reputable recommendation resource for anime and manga, has partnered with Viki to bring the company's full set of global, unique anime content to Anime-Planet.

    Through this partnership, users can watch Viki's unique anime offerings from their homes across the globe on Anime-Planet, viewable in dozens of subtitled languages, translated by fans, for fans. Community members can also opt-in to have their Anime-Planet watch lists automatically updated when viewing videos on the site.

    This new batch of video content adds to the over 22,000 legal streaming videos already available on Anime-Planet, a site that has grown to become a leading, industry-supported destination for recommendations and legal streaming video.

    Kim Cameron, CEO and founder of Anime-Planet, said the partnership came about because of a mutual interest to showcase Viki's streaming content and increase awareness of the company's crowd sourced subtitling platform.

    "We're thrilled to bring Viki's content to the Anime-Planet community. Viki's community-driven platform for subtitles is a fantastic way for anime fans to get involved by helping translate titles they love in their core languages, which in turn supports the industry and brings even more anime content to the masses. We're excited for our users to become involved in this movement while having greater access to legal anime online."

    Tammy H. Nam, CMO and General Manager of Viki Inc, said the following:

    "Viki is excited to bring our anime catalog to Anime-Planet, where anime fans can leverage thousands of quality recommendations to decide what to watch next. We're looking forward to showcasing our anime titles, gaining new visibility for our subtitling platform, and building a stronger anime community between our two sites."


    Anime-Planet was created in 2001 as the first anime recommendation database, enabling users to easily get and give recommendations for what to watch next. The site also features over 22,000 legal, streaming anime videos from partnerships with industry leaders Viki, Crunchyroll and Hulu, manga recommendations, personal anime and manga lists of what you’ve seen and read, and hand-written encyclopedia content for anime, manga, characters and beyond. For more information, visit


    Viki is a global TV site with premium TV shows and movies translated into more than 160 languages by a community of avid fans. With 30 million viewers each month and over 500 million words subtitled, Viki uniquely brings global prime-time entertainment to new audiences and unlocks new markets and revenue opportunities for content owners. For more information, visit

    If you're not already familiar with our video integrations, here's what you can expect!

    Feature highlights

    Including videos for more obscure titles we split up separately, such as the Saki specials


    and we'll update your anime list for you when you watch a video on Anime-Planet. When you watch the last episode of a series, your status will change to 'watched', as well!


    and filter the recommendations to only show you titles with videos


    (with easy 'browse all videos' button on the homepage)
    coming soon: a 'videos' homepage for easier browsing and access


    Once you've linked your twitter or facebook accounts in your profile, you'll can opt in to auto share when you watch videos on the site.

    Viki brings the following titles to Anime-Planet on launch:

    Ambassador Magma
    Amefuri Kozou
    Aoi Blink
    Astroboy (1980)
    A Time Slip of 10000 Years: Prime Rose
    Bagi, the Monster of Mighty Nature
    Black Jack OVA
    Bremen 4: Angels in Hell
    Broken Down Film
    Brother, Dear Brother
    Don Dracula
    Ginga Tansa 2100-nen: Border Planet
    Hakugei - Legend of the Moby Dick
    Jungle Emperor Leo Movie
    Kaede New Town
    Kaitei Choutokkyuu Marine Express
    Koutetsu Sangokushi
    Legend of the Forest
    Lunn wa Kaze no Naka
    Marvelous Melmo
    Midori no Neko
    Mitsume ga Tooru
    My Son-Goku
    Narue no Sekai
    Negadon: The Monster from Mars
    One Million-Year Trip: Bander Book
    Peeping Life
    Peeping Life: The Perfect Emotion
    Peeping Life: The Perfect Evolution
    Peeping Life: The Perfect Extension
    Penguin Musume Heart
    Pictures at an Exhibition
    Self Portrait
    Tales of a Street Corner
    Tezuka Osamu Monogatari: Boku wa Son Gokuu
    The New Adventures of Kimba The White Lion
    The Rose of Versailles
    Yamatarou Kaeru
    Yonna in the Solitary Fortress


    Is it free?
    All Viki content on Anime-Planet is free to watch.

    What about those ads in the Viki videos?
    The ads in Viki videos are owned by Viki, Anime-Planet doesn't receive a stipend or any kickback from the ads.

    How about region locking?
    Viki videos are available in many countries! Like with any videos on the site, we only show you videos you're able to see based on your location.

    Can I link my Anime-Planet account with my Viki account?
    Currently no, but we're looking into ways to potentially do this.

    When does my list auto-update when I watch a video?
    When the page that contains the Viki video loads, your list updates.

    What are the auto updating caveats?
    • We'll never change your status from 'watched' back to 'watching'. You'll need to go manually change your status to something else if you want us to increment your episode count when watching videos.
    • If you don't have the series in your list yet, or have it in your list as any status other than 'watched' or 'watching', we'll first change your status to 'watching'.
    • We'll never subtract episodes from your list - only add. For example, if you watch Naruto episodes 1-10 on Anime-Planet and then go back and watch episode 4 again, you'll see a feed update that you watched episode 4 on Anime-Planet, but your episode count will not go back to 4; it will stay at 10.

    This is a V1 feature and we're always up for hearing feedback about how to improve it.

    How do videos show up in my feed?
    Any time you watch a video, you'll see a new update in your feed. If you've turned on auto update, you won't see separate status updates when you watch a video. So if you watch Rose of Versailles episode 1, you'll see one feed update for 'watching Rose of Versailles episode 1 on Anime-Planet', and will NOT see a duplicated 'Watching Rose of Versailles at 1/x episodes' feed update.

    I love this feature! How can I show my support for Anime-Planet?
    The #1 thing you can do is to help spread the word about videos on Anime-Planet to everyone you know - whether on your anime blog, your website, on twitter/facebook, or just to your friends who love anime! Even if you know people who love anime and don't currently use the site, we'd love if you could tell others what you love about the video feature so they'll come try it out too.

    Additionally, donating to the site helps directly support the servers and new features like this. And for our earlier Crunchyroll integration, signing up for a free trial and then becoming premium through any of our Crunchyroll links on Anime-Planet both directly supports the industry and helps Anime-Planet stay afloat so we can cover the pricy server costs and other expenses it takes to keep a site like this running.
  2. Funkgun

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    Posted by Funkgun on Apr 10, 2014
    Wow ! Smooth.
  3. Anudevil13

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    Posted by Anudevil13 on Apr 10, 2014
    Wow. AP on a roll!
    Good Job
  4. Nicknames

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    Posted by Nicknames on Apr 10, 2014
    That's great Sothis! Good job with all the integrations!
  5. VivisQueen

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    Posted by VivisQueen on Apr 10, 2014
    Holy shit! Viki have a lot of old stuff I love or wanted to check out. THAAAAAAAAAAAANKS! AP, you're the best! :D
  6. Sixpounder

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    Posted by Sixpounder on Apr 10, 2014
    Woah, this is amazing!:love:
  7. Drahken

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    Posted by Drahken on Apr 10, 2014
    Somehow I get the feeling you're not going to stop until you've partnered with every legal streaming site in existance. :p
  8. TMCalypso

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    Posted by TMCalypso on Apr 10, 2014
    without realizing it, I've been coming to anime planet to find anime to watch almost daily now. Only just realized it now. >_< :P
  9. Sianeka

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    Posted by Sianeka on Apr 10, 2014
    This is so NICE!!! Awesome job, sothis! Thank you!

  10. MuffinsKopp

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    Congrats, mother Sothis, with this new partnership!
    Excited to see more awesome updates like this! :smile:
  11. kess

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    Posted by kess on Apr 11, 2014
    Nice! There are several old ones I have wanted to see for a while now. :love:
  12. DeathlyForce

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    Great news! :drink:
  13. DreamsAndIllusions

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    I cant seem to take you seriously with that profile picture lol
  14. CaptainSlow

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    Congratulations! :balloon:

    (Yes! I can watch Rose of Versailles legally!)
  15. AnimeShima

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    Posted by AnimeShima on Apr 12, 2014
    AP on the way to be even more awesome XD
  16. coffeebreath

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    Awesome selection of obscure older stuff that otherwise may long become forgotten. Doubly awesome for promoting Rose of Versailles and Brother, Dear Brother back into the hearts of shoujo fans.
  17. lipekun

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    Posted by lipekun on Apr 12, 2014
    Awesome news! There's only funimation left now haha
  18. sothis

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    Posted by sothis on Apr 12, 2014
    funimation videos are already included in the Hulu integration :)
  19. catzilla

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    Posted by catzilla on Apr 15, 2014
    whoop whoop, great to hear.

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