Ah! My Goddess

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    NITRODRAGON New Member

    [sadht=Oh My Goddess!]Ah! My Goddess[/sadht][sadhl=84]ah-my-goddess[/sadhl][sadhdc][/sadhdc]

    in honor of the series being around for an unfreakinbelievable 20 years!
    i think its only right that we start some talk about the series itself so here we are! the one that started my love of anime! since this is my thread and since there are two seasons i'm willing to be nice and let both the 1st and 2nd seasons be talked about here in this one

    the only things i expect in return are:

    1.that you play nice

    2.that you follow the rules

    3.and that if there's anybody who doesn't like this anime that they:STAY THE HECK OUTTA MY THREAD!!! in other words:GET LOST! cuz i dont feel like dealing with haters especially since this is my #1 fave anime of all time and if i catch you guess what i'm gonna do? i'm gonna report you to an admin so fast it'll make your head spin buster!

    and that's pretty much it folks

    with that said i leave it open to you for discussion
    but remember this:
    since this is my thread that means i've got my eyes on you!!!
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  2. Jamie

    Jamie Active Member

    Posted by Jamie on Apr 11, 2008
    Won't hear any complaints from me about the series. I fell for it hook, line and sinker when I saw that the main character was a gearhead. Though I'm nothing like him otherwise, I'm much more like some of the rambunctious club members. But none the less I'm able to connect with it on that level.
  3. OverLord01

    OverLord01 Guest

    Complaints about the show? Not from me I like both seasons very much and really enjoyed both of them. So I plan on contributing to this discussion on whatever it may be in the world of "Ah! my goddess".
  4. Xennon

    Xennon New Member

    Posted by Xennon on Apr 11, 2008
    same here (im just to much of a lazy bastard to write up my own post).

    NITRODRAGON New Member

    you and me both buddy :laugh:!
  6. Cetonis

    Cetonis Moderator


    Since we do keep to one thread per anime on these forums we can't really have OPs deciding certain aspects of conversation are banned, since it's the only thread available to discuss the series. Might as well humor the guy for now, but to anyone coming to the thread long after this particular discussion dies out, feel free to criticize all you want :P

    NITRODRAGON New Member

    look cetonis

    i dont mind the criticism and stuff i just dont feel like having to answer to it is all so if anybody feels they have to complain this message is to tell them to take it elsewhere or start your own thread about it cuz i dont wanna hear it! not on my thread ya dig?

    now with that matter settled lets get back on subject shall we?
  8. MrHanky35

    MrHanky35 New Member

    lol i do belive hes saying that they cant make another thread, otherwise there would be multiple threads of the same anime, thats to many.

    but on a side note, this was an awsome anime. i didnt like the animation of the male protaganist on the fighting wings ova. but the story was always great in the anime. only prob with that is that their relationship progressed vary slowly. and never really flurished. they really needa continue it. its been getting alot of attention on the anime threads, idk how well it did in japan tho.
  9. shortlex

    shortlex New Member


    why do you think this is your tread.
    I fail to see ownership over this tread!!!

    Listen to cetonis,, he is a moderators after all

    NITRODRAGON New Member

    simple reason

    i created this thread i'm the one who started it so therefore its mine
  11. shortlex

    shortlex New Member


    I figure out something later
  12. Cetonis

    Cetonis Moderator

    Because of the way this section works there cannot be a second thread for the series. (If one was made it would get merged with this one) Actually, if there had already been an AMG thread this one would have been merged into that and you would never "own" a thread to begin with.

    Like I said, I don't have any issue with you saying you don't want to hear any haters, etc. in this discussion right now. But at some point said discussion will die out and this thread will fade into the back pages. Then someday, a month, three months, six months, a year, whatever from now somebody's going to come to Specific looking to post about AMG. What I don't want is for that person (or anyone responding to him/her) to look at your rules and feel like they're somehow official, and that they simply aren't allowed to post negative things about the series.

    And since there cannot be a second thread, not being able to say negative things here would mean not having a place anywhere on the forum to make a post specifically criticizing AMG. (barring a full-written review, or having it come of in a general discussion) That's not okay, for obvious reasons. If someone comes along six months from now and wants to write about how they feel AMG somehow symbolizes everything they hate about harems, they would have to (and thus should not feel they aren't allowed to) do so here.

    Technically, I should just tell people to disregard your rules right now, since someone out there might want to make such a post today. However, as a favor to you I'm asking that these people wait awhile until this particular conversation dies down, so that you can have your anniversary celebration or whatnot. I'm doing my best not to conflict with what you're trying to do here, so please try to understand the implications down the road.
  13. shortlex

    shortlex New Member

    I can't wait.. how long has it been.
    I was to discuss about peorth's clothing.
  14. OverLord01

    OverLord01 Guest

    Yeah you and me both man! :)
  15. shortlex

    shortlex New Member

    I have not read the manga yet but can anyone tell me if Peorth has any interaction with keichi.

    PS. anyone got rumors on AMG 3
  16. OverLord01

    OverLord01 Guest

    I haven't read the manga eather so no help in that department. As for any rumors on a possible season 3 well I thought someone on here posted what looked like an advertisement for a movie or another season. I saw it on here a while back. But I think they will milk this for all its worth and make another season. I would be jumping for joy if or when they do make another season. :)
  17. shortlex

    shortlex New Member

    Ah my goddess is one of those long running manga and very popular cult storyplot, they must adapt it to anime.
    Everyone must praise and send in letters to the studio for the demand for AMG in Western Society. In return we SHALL BUY THE DVD
  18. kainbloodheart

    kainbloodheart New Member

    that was me

    The picture is in the AMG Fighting Wings post in the specific anime bit
  19. shortlex

    shortlex New Member

    darn so that was the OVA special.
    i need some solid eveidence for S3.
    I already know all about the OVA
  20. OverLord01

    OverLord01 Guest

    Well so it was you that posted that pic. Well that was very nice of you for sharing that with us fans of the show! It makes me want the OVA even more now. Wished it would hurry up and make its way to the states somehow.

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