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Narumon Z
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Default Ginban Kaleidoscope

Ginban Kaleidoscope

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I watched episode 1, which was a big surprise afte the description I'd read at AniDB. I was expecting a much more serious drama, not a comedy. I thought the main character would be somewhat austere, not your typical clumsy, somewhat crazy and overenergetic protagonist. It's not a bad show, just not the genre I was expecting. It's a lot less unique of a series than I thought it would be, perhaps. For one thing, now the set-up really, really feels like Hikaru no Go.

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Narumon Z
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Default Re: Ginban Kaleidoscope

I have to agree, I didn't expect it to be so comedic. From the description, I got the whole drama feel... the growing of the character by finding her confidence and discovering her emotions, while opening up to this nice guy who helps her through this tough time.

It does seem a lot more generic after ep1, so I'm not so sure I like it. I'll watch a couple more eps before deciding though.
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Narumon Z
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Default Re: Ginban Kaleidoscope

It was funny, sad, hopeful and entertaining. I loved the way the relationship between Tazusa and Pete developped and their love was so pure and gentle. The ending left me crying on my desk, but it was fantastic anyway. I love the ending score, "Energy" by Inoue Marina.
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Default Re: Ginban Kaleidoscope

the ending made me cry!
she didn't win and in the end he wil dissappear... annoying!!
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Default Re: Ginban Kaleidoscope

I really liked it and recommend it :D
Story was sweet and fun at the same time and it's deeper than average Anime but nothing extraordinary :)

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