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Default Final Fantasy Unlimited

Final Fantasy Unlimited

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I rented the first 4 episodes of Final Fantasy Unlimited a few weeks ago. It was quite possibly the best anime I've ever seen besides Ghost in the shell. If no ones ever seen it......A giant tower known as the pillar of darkness rises and two monsters emerge from it. They cause chaos for a bit. Then these 2 scientists go to explore the pillar, because they heard of some place called "Wonderland". They had 2 curious kids known as Ai and Yu that want to go find them. They heard thier parents mention a strange train that takes them to wonderland. They find that it is real, and they board. On the way they meet a mystrious woman known as Lisa. Once they reach wonderland they are amazed by the confusing world. Anyway, they meet a guy named Kaze that cant remember anything. But he soon enters a fight that helps him remember that he is black wind. He was one of the chaos causing monsters. He fights with agun attached to his arm called the magun. His black heart is inside the gun and requires different color soils. The magun can summon familiar summons like shiva and many others. He has to track down the other monster known as Makenshi. Kaze takes his path, the kids and lisa take thiers. It is a great anime and must be seen more!!!

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Default Re: F.F.Unlimited-Anyone seen it?

It's been a while, but IIRC I wasn't to impressed with it. It's pretty kiddy and the ending kinda falls apart on it.

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Default Re: F.F.Unlimited-Anyone seen it?

i have. wasnt impressed. comparing to all the stuff i seen recently it pretty much sucks.

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Default Re: F.F.Unlimited-Anyone seen it?

I also was not enthralled by FF:U there where a few episodes I thought were good as one shots. Like the Frog episode was hilarious. But other than that I found it pretty drab. And like they all ready mentioned they really did a rush job on the ending. On the other hand I wanted to like it I really did and it was better than the Garbage that was that short FF OVA from years back.
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Default Re: F.F.Unlimited-Anyone seen it?

I do have to agree with everyone else. Unlimited was a big let down. I mean it really is not a final fantasy. It is just a science fiction cg movie. It does not have the same plot line, or screen play like the rest of the games. The only reason they wanted the name final fantasy was to get people to see it. It was not for the fans essencially.

I hope in the future that they can do something like the Advent Children movie that is coming out. I have only seen a few trailers and it looks very impressive.
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