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Default Kamichu!

(a.k.a. Kamichu! ~Kamisama wa Chuugakusei~)

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This anime is very cute, it's about a girl that becomes a god while she's in high school. What can I say? This anime is good all around. Story seems interesting, animation style is nice, the background is good and the music is good. The things that really stand out for me are the voice acting and the facial expressions and body movements of the characters. I believe that they put a lot of effort into those departments. The character design is kept down to earth, well you'll get what I'm trying to say when you seen the spirits that hang around town. I really like this style of anime, the main characters are kept as real as possible, of course they experience extraordinary things, like the things you see in works by Studio Ghibli.

All in all I really enjoyed watching the first 2 eps of this series.

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you know, the manga is just one chapter ahead of the anime... manga has 3 chapters out, anime has 2 eps out... i wonder how they're doing that.
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Default Re: Kamichu

This looks like a nice little show. Too bad there aren't more people willing to take a shot at subbing this series *points to Fansub Quality Board* than what we currently have.
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Default Re: Kamichu

I've seen the first episode, and it seems like it's gonna be a pretty sweet little show. Yurie is so cute, and reminds me a bit of Chise from SaiKano.

Also, HD anime = @_@ gorgeous!
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Narumon Z
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Smile Kamichu! Info

First out the box - A gent has done a map (through Episode 4) of Yurie's home town. It's at http://www.city.onomichi.hiroshima.jp/english/map.htm

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Default Re: Kamichu! Info

I'm still waiting for a fansub w/ consistently good quality.
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Default Re: Kamichu!

Finally had a chance to sit down and watch the first three episodes of Kamichu. I watched one episode a day when I started so I'm up to episode 3. Minor spoilers in tow.

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Default Re: Kamichu!

A little slow, but more interesting than the other slice o'life I was just watching. We'll see if it stays interesting.
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Default Re: Kamichu!

i found it to be enjoyable and interesting all the way to the end ....and the wacky things that happen in certain places where very entertaining ....
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Default Re: Kamichu!

Well . . . yeah, Kamichu! didn't really stay interesting. For a slice o'life show to succeed it needs either an interesting and engaging lead or an amazing setting. The setting is rather plain and Yurie is too big of a dolt to be interesting or engaging. She's like a lazy stupid spoiled child. Her whiny voice does not help things. The only interesting characters are the Saegusa sisters who unfortunately get little downtime what with all the octopi and cat cults and old warships and annoying girl god getting all the screentime.

Yurie overall is a rather depressing character for a slice o'life show. She's always moping and unable to do anything without consistent prodding. She is basically the person who sucks the energy out of a room the second she steps in. Which REALLY doesn't work in a slice o'life show. Especially when the characters who are there to support her are rarely around. This is the most evident in the episode about the student council when it is completely obvious that every character in the show proves to be a LOT more interesting and engaging and further marginalizes Yurie as a character. The most recent show this situation reminds me of is Maria Holic where the show becomes rather unbearable when Kanako shows up. Unlike Maria Holic though, there are no large spells without Yurie around (except one) to make the show interesting.

The one consistent highlight in the show is the music. Full of soft melodic piano and wind pieces it accents the slice o'life mood well without being intrusive. The same can't be said for most of the characters.

The other highlight was when people were making fun of Yurie's handwriting. I remember when I first learned to write characters I was told mine was excellent (I even had a family friend who ran a little hole in the wall put up one of my works). Now with years of writing the alphabet fast and years without ever trying to write characters mine is almost as bad as Yurie's.

This show gets one angry Suika surrounded by bored Suikas.

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