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Default Glass Mask

Glass Mask

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It's never published in America, so I guess most of you don't know it yet...

To say about Garasu no Kamen, I must first compliment on his beautiful drawings, then its dramatic plot [just like a play with so many surprises].

Introduction: GLASS MASK
Glass Mask scanlations online: Mangasync.org

1. If you aren't happy with your appearance and always think that you're good for nothing, welcome you to the world of GM to recognize that: In this world, everybody is imperfect and no one is completely useless.

2. Let's enter the world of GM to figure out that: Life without passions is completely meaningless.

3. You face failures and want to give up? Let GM tell you that: Life is unfair, yet one can surpass his limit with his honest potential.

4. Read GM to remind yourself to: always think before acting, especially when you gain some fame and success. Precipitous actions always lead to your own failure.

5. If you think that the world is pink, GM will reveal the truth to you. Behind the world of rainbow are jealousy and plenty of dark schemes.

6. If you want to enrich your knowledge and learn more about the lives of the artists/actors/actresses, GM is the right manga for you.

7. The last message - but not least - that GM wants to deliver to you is: A seemingly small action can actually bring great happiness to others (you'll discover this when you read the manga) :)

After all, GM is one of the best manga, and of course, it's worth your attention and... money! ^^

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