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Default Tactics


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This show has a nice setting, nice art, nice animation, beautiful characters, although I don't know where the story/plot will lead to.

I really don't have many comments about this one, so, discuss. ^_^

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When I heard this series described, I immediately thought of Kousetsu Hyaku Monogatari. After watching the first episode, I'm not sure what I think. The main characters are very similar - struggling writers/scholars with a fascination with the otherworldly. But perhaps beyond the similarities, the differences in genre and target audience make the comparison unfair. Tactics is very much a shounen show.

I'll watch a few more before deciding.
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PS. The opening set my teeth on edge. I hated it. The ending didn't do much for me either, but was palatable.
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I prefer the manga.

Without giving away any spoilers, I felt that the manga had a more cheeky attitude and the plot was smarter too! Tactics the anime seems more preoccupied with looking mysterious (kinda like Matantei Loki) than actually providing any substance. But 2 episodes is not enough to make a fair judgment so I'll be sticking to the series for a few more episodes at least.

Bishie characters though.
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i think the manga is licensed, i might have to double check on that one. but this anime really took me by surprise, when i first glimpsed through it, i thought it was some kiddy anime, but i'm glad i was wrong.

i love the fantasy setting here, the music is great with the exception of some of the bgm which sounds out of place. the female seiyuus are awesome <3 especially Youko. for some reason this show reminds me of angel sanctuary...

this is probably the only ep i'm gonna watch seeing as how the anime was licensed too, i'll just wait for ADV to release.
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Hmm, I thought the first couple episodes were rather good.
As a side note, what exactly is the relation of the title to the series?
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Default Re: Tactics

I really like the characters in this show.
I'm especially happy that Miyata Kouki is voicing Kantarou.
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