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Default Rules for "General Discussion"

Rules for General Discussion

First of all, be sure that what you're posting doesn't belong in any other sections.
Ex. Asking for anime episodes or other anime related stuff is not supposed to be here.

Do not make useless posts!!
For example, going into a thread about a serious topic and posting something stupid like "I like ham" will probably end up getting deleted, and get you a warning in return.

Try to keep a calm attidue against other users, try to not flame other users.
Deletion of flaming or editing of posts will be done on a case by case basis, according to the moderators' judgements.

Please keep the porn/sex talk to a minimum
Anime-Planet should be a friendly environment to post in for people of most ages and both genders. (This definitely isn't a site meant for 12 year olds, but you get what I mean).
Also try to keep the forum relatively clean as far as content, like a whole threads dedicated to breast size, pictures of people screwing objects or otherwise, should be posted somewhere like 4chan, not in this community. ^_^

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