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Default Re: Bakemonogatari

Originally Posted by IsoHunter View Post
Just watched the 1st episode, I really tried to like it but it was too slow for my taste, also I don't like ecchi anyway, dropping this 1 I'm afraid.

But it's not...

Sigh, You know what, nevermind. Obviously if there's a bit of fanservice (even if used in a satirical way) in any show it's automatically ecchi~
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Default Re: Bakemonogatari

you know i wonder if some of the people who have issues with the convos are watching the bad translations...

i know ep 1 (about 1/3) and ep 3 (about 3/4) of the translations put on the web are basically trolls, incomprehensible, and not even remotely accurate. If you're watching a sub of this and the convo makes no sense. or its mediocre and not clever in the least. you're probably watching a "fake" sub.

I would have fallen for them too, had my gf not pointed out how terrible the subs were. the ep 3 troll (which seems to have been picked up by most of the web sites for some weird reason) is so bad and inaccurate its not even funny.
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Default Re: Bakemonogatari

Yea, I noticed that too. For a show that relies so much on conversation and seems like it would normally still be kinda hard to understand, fake, inaccurate, subs definately dont help.

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Default Re: Bakemonogatari

Dudes, check your sources. I've never ever stumbled upon fake-subs. Always download straight from the subbers tracker. To find out who are subbing, check myanimelist.net. To know who are good, check their ratings, thought they're not always accurate.

I'm watching gg btw, qq is too slow.
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Default Re: Bakemonogatari

I too am watching gg. qq is indeed too slow and I've had bad encounters with frostii.

Honestly this is why I wish we still had the Fansub Comparison forum. I used it extensively to select which groups I'd follow as many times there'd be threads comparing not only video quality but more importantly translation quality. I've still never understood why it was removed. I felt it was an extremely valuable addition to the forums.

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Default Re: Bakemonogatari

Well, I watched the fake sub version of episode 3 and the well subbed version of it, whats funny is that they are both hilarous. Though the fake one is on the whole way more random than the accurate version.

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Default Re: Bakemonogatari

A more unique anime from this season. I could sum it up with one word, Crooked. Possibly twisted.
Not totally, just a pinch.
Now everyone is talking about the dialog, I am going to focus differently. To be honest, it is not the dialog that moves me on this particular title(seen too many in my day with sharp dialog). What I find entertaining, is the random stuff that seems to happen in the last 1/3rd of an episode.

Episode 2

and what more can be said than after a long detatiled discussion in ep3

It really does have a unique and detailed art. The random words and images are a bit Andy Warhol Pop at first, but become part of the flow after a while. Reminds me of Kare Kano. Also showing tear ducts is a plus in my book. Not sure why the eyes are always a hazel/red but they are different to be sure. Other animation is very fluid (sure saves on it though when 30% is static shots, or flash stills) and shading is marvelous. They even remember the poles, and blinds and shafts of light when it hits a face or torso.

Well executed with one glitch, I dislike live action shots used much in an anime. Anything that draws you out of the world of animation can be jarring. The audience shot in Evangelion comes to mind. I feel live action moments might work only in comedies or possibly an opening or end title sequences, such as Betterman, Capitan Tyler or Kare Kano (when they always ended with footage of a camera zooming through a school).

Not sure I will keep with it, but I will watch at least episode 4

Oh and a side note. It did have some lengthy fan service in episode 2. Nice butt-slap by the way in the shower, I heard of Ganiax bounce, but I am going to call that oneripple cheek. =D
However, Ep 3 had less, just jello shots. (not the alcoholic type)

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Default Re: Bakemonogatari

Episode 5

Another great episode. I don't know what it is that I like so much about this series, I just do.
Looking forward to next week's episode

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Default Re: Bakemonogatari

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Default Re: Bakemonogatari

I don't know what to think about this one yet. I have watched eps 1-5 and I can't really figure out what this anime is about. The opening of the first episode made me think it was going to be pretty dark, but since then it has had moments but for the most part it has seemed rather comedic.

i don't know how or where the series is going. But maybe that is why i like it. Visually it is very attractive but since there is not a lot of changes in scenery that is not hard.

I do like the dialog quite a bit and the way Senjougahara is constantly playing with Araragi. So i am going to keep watching this one to see where it goes from here.

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