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Default Ookami Kakushi

Ookami Kakushi

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I haven't watched it yet but I will be soon. heh. I've heard not much for it so far so i'm hoping it might be good

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Default Re: Ookami Kakushi

i think i might follow this one. not too thrilled with the characters but the plot and setting might be strong enough to carry the weak cast... i don't know, we'll have to see. The lead is just some androgynous bishi who seems to be sorta gay... or may be a siscon; not sure. clearly he's not going to be fun to watch and i could see him killing the show.

outside of the androgynous-bishi (possible) siscon, we have the prototypical "broken loli" sister with a brother complex (or she's just creeped out about her brother's siscon tendencies... not enough to tell yet. lol)... throw in the inexplicable and possibly yandere love interest, with a nice dash of mystical weirdness and it might be a passable show.

though it dragged at parts this show was stronger then anything else i've seen this season (except Durarara!! and So-Ra-No-Wo-To) and while that sounds like a compliment, it really isn't; as this show looks like it will be bellow average, only in comparison to the junk airing right now, it's standing head and shoulders above everything else (except Durarara!! and So-Ra-No-Wo-To which it is a few steps bellow).

Probably will drop it thanks to what looks to be a weak and annoying cast, but for now I'll watch it.

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Default Re: Ookami Kakushi

Ya... this wasn't a wee bit creepy. I also got a Higurashi vibe out of it if you get what I mean. That little chant in the preview... I liked it.

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Thanks captaincrunch!!

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chii is chii
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Default Re: Ookami Kakushi

i got 11eyes out of it. pretty boring tbh

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Narumon Z
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Default Re: Ookami Kakushi

all i know is the first episode is really creepy in my opinion but has made me interested
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Default Re: Ookami Kakushi

Ep 1: That was a well-done kickoff. Seemed like a smooth progression from one clip to another.

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Default hijacking is bad

I thought the first episode was pretty good. Nothing amazing, but I didn't think it was bad. I just didn't like the characters that much.

The Scythe girl made me think of Alice from Pandora Hearts. The costume and everything looked a little similar. The OP of both shows are by the same artists btw.

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Hey everyone, what's up? My name is Sam and I'm new here. I'm from Portland, where are you guys from?
I'm from Pandora, and you humans call me a na'vi.

Seriously, don't hijack other threads to introduce yourself. There is a whole board for that.

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Default Re: Ookami Kakushi

Hated the first episode. It had Higurashi oozing out from every pore, and not because of its atmosphere, they just copied the exact same events. Still, it's going to be a mystery / storydriven show, so I'm not writing it off completely already (or, hopefully it's going to be, the characters aren't exactly exciting enough to make this a character-driven show).

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Narumon Z
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Default Re: Ookami Kakushi

Like said before me, this anime really have traits that are similar to Higurashi; like the "Guy moved to a place where everyone seem nice, but are they really nice?"-setting. I expect to see something from this anime, even though it had a not so promising start.
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Narumon Z
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Default Re: Ookami Kakushi

Hmm, in my opinion this show has a promising start, but like everyone else said this reminds me a whole lot like Higurashi. Well we'll see how it develops in the following episodes~
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