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Default Re: K-ON!

Most promising series this season without a doubt, I wasnt even gonna give it a try, but circumstances made me watch the first ep and found it really impressive, I mean, the whole idea of the series might not be that atractive (Moe girls making a band sound kinda lame) but it's so beatifully(guess thats not even a word in english) excecuted that it leaves you wishing for seasons 2, 3 and 4 (and only seen one ep thus far).

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Default Re: K-ON!

Episode 2:

K-ON continues to be one the best of the season for me. All the characters continued to be hilarious and moe, especially Yui this episode. I had a feeling she was going to sleep with her guitar lol.

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Default Re: K-ON!

it's just so darn adorable.
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Default Re: K-ON!

this one reminds me and my gf of the excellent bamboo blade last year.

not quite as funny as bamboo blade (yet)... nor do i think it will be as good... but then these school life anime aren't my fav to watch. But my GF is loving it, and the fact im not hating it says to me it's pretty good
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Default Re: K-ON!

Episode 2 was great, loved it, this series is well good so far! All the characters are adorable! :D Especially Yui and the fact she doesn't get on my nerves amazes me!

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Default Re: K-ON!

Awesome episode 2.

agreed with basically everyone here. It's adorable, funny, and just plain fun. I found myself smiling all the way through. It doesn't have extra fanservice caked on too like ones I found similar (haruhi for example).

Has become one of my favorite of the season, making 3 anime this season with big potential (FMA, Eden of the East, and this).

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Default Re: K-ON!

I think K-ON is a good Anime..I really must watch it!!And sure I will I love Music XDD.
Hell yeah!Rock on!

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Default Re: K-ON!

People were still pretty skeptical about this anime, but now, after episode 2, everyone is pretty much digging it all.

Nice, same.

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Default Re: K-ON!

The second episode clinched it for me, and I think everyone else as well. Excellent story, settings, dialogue, character interaction. The whole episode really pushed the anime into lovable status.
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Default Re: K-ON!

It's just so darn cute! Yet not annoyingly so.
It now makes me look forward to the next episode.

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