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Default Pet Shop of Horrors

Pet Shop of Horrors

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Surprisingly good. I went into this with no expectations at all - the whole art style looks very Yoshiaki Kawajiri-ish and I was anticipating the mediocrity I usually associate with him but what I got was a rather classical piece of horror about people's hubris and breaking of the rules leading to terrible consequences and so forth. It's not amazing or anything and it won't scare you but I was pretty entertained; my favourite episode was definitely the third one about a washed up actor who had one big hit in a sci-fi movie and was now out of it; which admittedly was part of the reason I liked it but I felt it had some other solid elements too.

There is a sort of arc involving the police that's more a vehicle for plot exposition than anything else and the portrayal of the Chinese as purveyors to a mystical realm of exotic power is a curious hold-over of racist portrayals in older Gothic fiction, but I think this is certainly a decently entertaining watch overall.

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