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Default Re: La Maison en Petits Cube

Thanks for writing up that little mini-review, Valondar. It got me off my ass to actually watch the short, and I'm very glad I did.
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Default Re: La Maison en Petits Cube

I've just finished watching it, and I was welling up at just HOW beautiful it is. It is the best anime short that I've watched and probably one of the best animated shorts that I have ever seen. It was so beautiful. Happy, sad, lonely and nostalgic all at once. Best of all it manages to completely convey all of that in just 12 minutes without having to rely on verbal communication.

*much Kunio Kato love*

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Default Re: La Maison en Petits Cube

Originally Posted by valondar View Post
it's all about the pain and loneliness of being elderly and feeling abandoned.
(you forgot the cubes in the [SADHL template)

Loved how 2:10 he picks up his pipe like glasses.
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