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Default Discussion threads are now linked from anime entries!

A small feature update - you can now find 'discuss this anime' buttons in the entries, when a discussion thread exists in the forum. The buttons live in the 'reviews' section (now titled 'discuss and review').

For example, check out Sword Art Online

Moderators are continuing to link these threads (which will be automated eventually), so if you don't see a link yet, feel free to bump the thread in the forum. New threads created will be linked by the moderators.

Also, I've added an explanatory note at the top of the forum for unregistered users, explaining the site/forum temporary account split. Hopefully this way people won't be as confused and will register in the forum to participate :) (merging in the future!)

Enjoy this small update leading up to this week's BIG launch!

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Default Re: Discussion threads are now linked from anime entries!

Nice, useful for bringing people to forums who finish a series, or even ones who just want to know what it is like (old discussion threads can even prove useful there).

Still looking forward to the big update coming, keep up the good work :)
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Default Re: Discussion threads are now linked from anime entries!

I noticed this, and went to check it out on another anime that hadn't yet been linked, so I thought there wasn't yet a discussion thread (not realizing this new feature is a roll-out, work-in-progress). Obviously, I find it useful!!!! And cannot wait until it is fully utilized by the site. A small feature that can make a BIG difference!!! Thank you!!


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Default Re: Discussion threads are now linked from anime entries!

Even thought it's maybe a small feature update, this will definitely help some newbies who don't know their way around the forums yet to discuss their favourite anime. Nice work! :)
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Default Re: Discussion threads are now linked from anime entries!

Yes. Finally! This will bring in more discussion.

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