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Default A more streamlined user's recommendations page

In the past, we received questions on a somewhat regular basis about the 'view my recommendations' page - for example, http://www.anime-planet.com/users/so...ecommendations (but your own username). There used to be another column for 'editing', and a 'status' column that usually said 'pending'. This led people to believe their recs were in some sort of long limbo if moderation didn't happen right away.

To help alleviate these concerns we've streamlined how the page looks if you're logged in and looking at your own recs:

1. No more 'editing' column. In the very early days of the recommendation database (from 2001-2003 or so), I used to edit recommendations for super basic spelling mistakes or typos. That effort was abandoned long ago, so there's no need to show 'editing' information anymore.

2. The 'Status' column was changed to 'Moderation', and only shows two statuses now: Approved, and Flagged. Flagged means the same thing as it did before - that the rec was flagged in moderation (when a recommendation is flagged the reason is sent in an email to your email on file). "Approved" means your recommendation is visible on the site. If at any point it gets flagged, the status will change.

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Default Re: A more streamlined user's recommendations page

Good that you mentioned it, since i always wondered what the pending meant haha

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