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Default Ga-Rei -Zero-

Ga-Rei -Zero-

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Hmm, no thread yet?

Well, I finally got time to catch up. I'm liking it a lot more than I would have thought. Looks like this series is going to do what kure-nai did, start off with a prequel to the "current" timeline in the manga. To be honest I never found Yomi all that compelling (Shizuru was more interesting to me). And I was really looking forward to Kensuke and Kagura and not Yomi's story.

Now I'm getting more and more drawn into Yomi's past; I'm more drawn to this than Tytania or the other ones I was high up on. My only worry is that I feel like Yomi's past will carry this show to its end, much like kure-nai. As much as I'm enjoying Yomi right now, I still want to see the Yomi or Shizuru arc, not just the pre-story.

Actually this feels a lot like my feelings when kure-nai came out. Both were initially very high on my radar and then dropped a lot when I realized they were prequels. Then they began to pull me back in. At least this time around I don't know the ending to the story, so I can thoroughly enjoy this as a semi-n00b. It does have one of the better first episodes that I can recall sans bike-fighting. Well, that was actually quite good too, in a different way . . .

And of note, I'm glad to see Yomi use the iron. It's great to see that weapon come back. Almost as good as Ken-chan's "beast."

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Default Re: Ga-Rei -Zero-

I really enjoyed the first 2 episodes of this anime, Extremely compelling way of opening a series. However, at episode 4 now, it seems to be steadily heading downhill into mediocrity, I know nothing of the manga, but if episode 4 is any indicator of what's to come, then this may have gone from top to dropped.
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Default Re: Ga-Rei -Zero-

As it is now, it's a prequel to where the manga starts off. I think it's 3 years before the manga even begins. Because Kagura has very short hair and in the manga her hair is a bit longer. The last episode of Gai-Re Zero will probably be

I agree with Purplemo though, Kensuke and Kagura are sooo much more interesting then Yomi and Kagura's past.
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Thanks captaincrunch!!

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Default Re: Ga-Rei -Zero-

All I know is that I saw 3 episodes and still didn't have the slightest clue about what's going on. I wasn't even sure if the 1st 2 eps were supposed to be before or after the 3rd. Not to mention it's like every ep had different characters.

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Default Re: Ga-Rei -Zero-

The 4th episode continues where the 3rd one left off, so the rest of the series may follow in one direction now. I also noticed they are very different compared to the first two episodes.
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Default Re: Ga-Rei -Zero-

Sadly, this anime seemed to have gone downhill after they added an OP and ED. It was interesting take on typical shounen in the first episode, but from the second (barely) and definitely the third on, it reverted back to mediocrity.
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Default Re: Ga-Rei -Zero-

Well, it's not that I'm not interested in Yomi's story. It is just I see this as going down kure-nai's path of doing the "pre-story" and ending before it reaches the "present." Just like with kure-nai, I enjoyed the "pre-story" but not enough to be okay with throwing away the "present" story.

The other thing too is that Kagura just doesn't quite seem the same. I can't quite put my finger on it, but the personality's different enough that it just doesn't quite feel right. Maybe it's cuz she doesn't make all those stupid faces . . . ;p

Regardless, this one will still be high on my list, if for no other reason than the pedigree.

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Default Re: Ga-Rei -Zero-

yeah i'm a little disappointed by how ga-rei is going...

well i might keep watching, or ill drop this and go the manga, and then if i like the manga come back to the anime as i dont see me becoming very engaged with the story line,

and i dont really like some of those over the top, im too cool for school killing people with a motor bike and a suitcase antics that are displayed... it would be cool if it was done a bit better...
i think ill stick to kurozuka for my bloody fix as that one looks promising, and shikabane hime or finish up jigoku shojo for the 'drama horror' styled one, as ga-rei feels a bit eh...
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Default Re: Ga-Rei -Zero-

nice episode 4--what happened?--nothing happened! May as well of just skipped it.
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Default Re: Ga-Rei -Zero-

Haven't read the manga, but I really like it. I don't mind the change after episode 2.

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