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Default Re: [img] tags are disabled until further notice

Originally Posted by Drahken View Post
re the "like" button: See the thread in the bugs/requests forum. Short version: It has nothing to do with img tags, is not directly related to the malware issue, but was disabled along with some other plugins while trying to deal with the malware issue. The malware issue is dealt with now, but "like" is unlikely to return, as sothis is working on switching to a different forum instead of this vbulletin stuff that keeps having so many issues. (It's also hoped that the new software will be able to finally integrate site & forum accts, though I don't know any details on that.)
Thank you for the info. Your posts often explain/help me understand many things here.

But I sincerely hope that new software can include "Like" button functionality. I found that a fun and unique (well, unique in my experience!) feature on AP and I saw many here making use of it when it was offered. Not familiar with vbulletin and if this is a vbulletin-only feature, but I sure hope not. I -am- wishing it can be brought back!


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Default Re: [img] tags are disabled until further notice

i Hope Images can be uploaded soon again

uploading image directly on forums is so easier and better then uploading on some site before and posting link here
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