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Narumon Z
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Default Tenchi Universe

Tenchi Universe

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what more do i need to say about this other than it was the very first anime i had ever seen and in my opinion this is perhaps the one anime that started the whole harem anime trend personally i happen to like it a lot and there's a few buddies of mine who are also fans of it and its many and i do mean many spinoffs that came both before and after it as this was one of them which i will of course allow discussion of in this thread

so with that said i think its time i shut up let somebody else get behind the wheel and take this discussion for a ride but before i do a reminder of what i expect from each of you that come here

1.play nice
2.follow the rules
3.and remember i got my eyes on you! (i love being creepy like that! lol) i'll be only happy to bust any troublemakers and report them to a mod lightning quick so look out!

so with that said...

on your mark....

get set......


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Default Re: Tenchi Universe

I can't believe I am the first one to reply to this thread. Oh well...

I didn't like Tenchi Universe. It was very boring for me, almost put me to sleep. I don't know if this is because I watched Tenchi Muyi! Ryo Ohki! first but the comedy and fights just didn't get me hyped here.
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Default Re: Tenchi Universe

each one had variations on the overall plot that I enjoyed... then that lead to Tokyo and the 3 movies... *sigh* then sadly GXP which the world would be better off without.

I'd enjoy a new sequal to this series or at least some continuation, supposedly there is a planned off shoot of the family branch getting its own season but after so long I doubt many people would remember the connection.
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