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Narumon Z
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Default Comments Lottery Club

The Comments Lottery Club is a fun little club to add something to the comments section of a persons profile on Anime Planet. The idea behind it is basically, whenever someone leaves a comment that is a milestone (such as the 50th comment), you reward that person in some way. For an example, these are the milestones and rewards I have chosen (it also says who has claimed which reward):
Comment #50: A link to a picture of Vegito and Kirito (Claimed by Lolyeh)
Comment #100: The chance to choose the next anime I watch (Claimed by Lolyeh)
Comment #125: For a week, I will put a link into my bio to your page (Claimed by TheLoneBrit)
Comment #150: I will change my Avatar for the next 10 days to anything you want, as long as it is not offensive (Claimed by kittykat01)
Comment #200: Your choice...choose whatever you want me to do from the previous prizes

If you want to get involved, just post in this thread, or leave me a comment on my A-P profile, and I'll add you to the list

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Default Re: Comments Lottery Club

I wish there was an easy way to determine the number of the comments, in order to make it easier to see who was responsible for adding each Landmark comment. I think I have only one Landmark noted, as the Commenter who made the comment noted the Landmark event in their comment.

This sounds so fun, sharing and comparing notes but so often I don't notice the landmarks coming up until they have already gone by...

I will try to pay more attention and maybe I can participate in this for the future.

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Narumon Z
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Default Re: Comments Lottery Club

That would be good. When I have done it on my A-P profile, I have had to count back from the most recent post.
Sorry for the late reply.
I would love to have you as a club member :)
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